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The Abbey Hill Team

Ms. H. Chambers – Head Teacher

Mrs. S. Robinson – Deputy Head Teacher, Key Stage 2 Leader, Curriculum Leader and Year 3 Teacher Monday and Friday

Miss F. Digby – Key Stage 1 Leader &Year 1 Teacher

Mrs J. Cartwright – Foundation Stage Leader & Reception Teacher

Mrs V. Hardy – Inclusion Leader & Nursery Teacher

Mrs. K Marusiak – Reading Recovery Teacher (currently on maternity leave)

Mrs A. Wyatt – Year 1 Teacher Monday to Wednesday

Miss E. Ashley – English Leader & Year 2 Teacher

Miss B. Bower – Year 2 Teacher Thursday and Friday

Mrs L. Martin – Sports Leader & Year 3 Teacher Tuesday to Thursday

Miss Z. Haywood – Computing Leader & Year 4 Teacher

Mrs Melton – After School Club Leader & Year 4 Teacher

Miss L. Colbourne – R.E. Leader & Year 5 Teacher

Miss K. Hill – Maths and History Leader & Year 6 Teacher

Mrs A. Morris – Science Leader and KS1 and KS2 teacher

Miss C. Deakin – Foreign Languages Leader (Spanish) Senior Teaching Assistant

Mrs L. Amatt – Teaching Assistant & Well-being Interventions

Mrs D. Atkins – Teaching Assistant

Mrs M. Bower – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Y. Ceney – Teaching Assistant & Well-being Interventions

Mrs H. Chapman-Hale – Teaching Assistant and Speech \& Language Interventions

Mrs M. Cooling – Teaching Assistant

Miss L. Day – Teaching Assistant and Reading Interventions

Mrs A. Dudley – Teaching Assistant

Mrs P. Gregory – Teaching Assistant

Mrs K. Denman – Music Teaching Assistant

Mrs E. McCarthy-Bonser – Teaching Assistant

Mrs K. Marsden – Teaching Assistant

Mrs S. Radford – Teaching Assistant

Mrs V. Walton – Speech and Language Teaching Assistant Wednesday and Thursday

Mrs S. Wilkinson – Teaching Assistant

Mrs A. Dear – Pre-school Manager

Miss R. Christy – Pre-school Deputy Manager

Mrs H. Clarke – Pre-school Assistant

Miss K. Williams – Teaching Assistant

Ms S. Jeffs – Family Support Worker & Well-being Team

Mrs J. Parker-Clowes – School Business Manager

Mrs E. Yates – Office Administration Assistant

Mrs D. Hallsworth – Office Administration Assistant

Mr M. Naylor – Site Manager

Mrs K. Allsop – School Cook Supervisor & Breakfast Club Cook Supervisor

Mrs Y. Green – Senior Midday Supervisor

Mrs L. Scott – Senior Midday Supervisor and Breakfast Club Assistant

Mrs D. Dackiw – Midday Supervisor

Mrs T. Jubbie – Midday Supervisor

Mrs C. McFall – Midday Supervisor

Mrs M. Osborne – Midday Supervisor and Breakfast Club Assistant

Miss K. Swietek – Midday Supervisor

Mrs R. Taylor – Midday Supervisor

Mrs S. Walters – Midday Supervisor

Mrs K.  Willows – Midday Supervisor














Abbey Hill Primary and Nursery School