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The Abbey Hill Team

Welcome to our staff team here at Abbey Hill.

Ms. H. Chambers – Head Teacher

Mr A. Jevons-Newman – Deputy Head Teacher and Curriculum, Assessment, PE and Digital Leader

Mrs V. Hardy –  Key Stage 1 Leader, SENCo and Teacher

Mrs J. Cartwright-Fretwell – Foundation Stage Leader, Reception Teacher and Music Leader

Mrs K. Boyd – Key Stage 2, Maths Leader, Outdoor Learning Lead and Year 6 Teacher

Miss E. Ashley – Year 3/4 Teacher, Writing and KS2 Reading Leader

Mr. D. Perkins – Reception Teacher, Humanities Leader

Mrs S. Baker – Year 1/2 Teacher and Phonics and Early Reading Leader

Mrs L. Martin – Year 3/4 Teacher and Creative Leader Wednesday to Friday

Miss E. Rowland – Year 1/2 Teacher and Science Leader

Mrs A. Wyatt – Key Stage 2 Teacher – Friday only

Miss L. Colbourne – Year 5 Teacher and EDI/R.E. Leader Monday to Thursday

Miss Z. Haywood – Class Teacher, currently on maternity leave

Miss C. Deakin –  Senior Teaching Assistant and Foreign Languages Leader (Spanish)

Miss C. Marshall – Senior Teaching Assistant and After School Club Leader

Mrs E. Astle – Teaching Assistant

Mrs M. Bower – Teaching Assistant

Miss A. Bunce – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Y. Ceney – Teaching Assistant and ELSA well-being support Monday to Wednesday

Mrs H. Chapman-Hale – Teaching Assistant and Speech & Language Interventions

Miss L. Day – Teaching Assistant and Reading Interventions

Mrs A. Dudley – Teaching Assistant and Forest School Leader

Mrs K. Denman – Music Teaching Assistant Tuesday and Thursday

Mrs E. McCarthy-Bonser – Teaching Assistant

Miss C. McFall – Teaching Assistant

Mrs K. Marsden – Teaching Assistant

Mrs S. Radford – Teaching Assistant

Miss K. Townsend – Pupil Support Assistant

Mrs V. Walton – Speech and Language Teaching Assistant Wednesday and Thursday, currently on maternity leave

Miss R. Eyre – Pre-school Manager and Deputy Safeguarding Leader

Miss R. Christy – Pre-school Deputy Manager

Mrs H. Clarke – Pre-school Assistant

Ms S. Jeffs – Child & Family Support Worker, Deputy Safeguarding Leader and Senior Mental Health Leader

Mrs J. Parker-Clowes – School Business Manager

Mrs E. Yates – Office Administration Assistant

Mrs D. Hallsworth – Office Administration Assistant

Mr M. Naylor – Site Manager

Mrs K. Allsop – School Cook Supervisor

Mrs Y. Green – Senior Midday Supervisor

Mrs M. Osborne – Senior Midday Supervisor and Breakfast Club Supervisor

Miss S. Deley – Midday Supervisor and Breakfast Club Supervisor

Mrs A. Dudley – Lunchtime Play Leader

Mrs T. Jubbie – Midday Supervisor

Mrs S. McKie – Midday Supervisor

Miss B. Schofield – Midday Supervisor

Miss K. Swietek – Midday Supervisor

Mrs R. Coombes – FS Midday Supervisor

Miss L. Walters – FS Midday Supervisor

Mrs K. Willows – Midday Supervisor

Multi-Academy Trust Conversion

Abbey Hill Primary School and Nursery is due to convert to become an academy as part of Transform Trust. During our ongoing conversion process, a number of Trust Central Team work regularly with our school including on site:

Claire Stafford – Director of Quality Assurance

Tanya White – Associate Headteacher

Emma Hampton – Director of Inclusion

School’s Financial Benchmarking


We are required to inform you if any of our school employees have a gross annual salary of £100,000 or more. No one on our team is paid this much. You can click on the link below to find out more about our school’s financial data and see how it compares with other similar schools.

Schools financial benchmarking service



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