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Support for Families

Hello parents and carers!

The COVID pandemic has been a very difficult time for everyone, and trying to help our children understand why life has been different for so long is tricky. 

For many of us getting back into a more normal life has been more challenging than lockdown. We are aware that our Abbeyhillian children are finding “getting things back to how they were” hard. 

Please be assured that we are here to help you, your children and your family as we try to get back to the way things were.

On this page you will find information, ideas and useful links that can help you as parents and carers support your children, your family and even your friends too!

I hope you find them helpful, but please remember if you need help and advice or a listening ear there is always someone at school just give us a call.

Take care

Mrs Hardy (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator)

Sam Jeffs (Child and Family Support Worker)

Would you like help and support with your under 5’s?

“The Children’s Centre Service works to ensure young children get the best start in life and that their families are supported to help them achieve this. Our Children’s Centre Service provides a range of services for parents to be and families with children under five years old who live in Nottinghamshire.”

click on the link to go to their webpage and see what they can offer you…….


Money getting tight?

The pandemic has led to many people finding it hard to make ends meet. More time at home has meant bigger bills. Some of us have lost pay, some of us have lost jobs. If you would like a referral into the foodbank in Krkby have a look at the link below and Sam can help you out.

Food bank providing food, basic provisions, support and advice to those in need. Emergency food parcels are there to support people on a low income, in crisis or that are struggling to buy food. If you have found yourself in this kind of circumstance, then we are here to help you.

Help with understanding Coronavirus

Click on the links below to see child friendly books and stories which explain what COVID is and what we can do to stay safe.

Please make sure you look at the books before you share them with your children to make sure you are happy with the messages in them.  

These books should be shared with your child so that you can answer any questions they may have. After that they can look at them alone if they want to.

Coronavirus a story book for Key Stage 2 children

Coronavirus story for younger Key stage 2 children

Dave the dog a coronavirus story for Key Stage 1 children and children with SEND

 A guide to coronavirus for Key Stage 2 children

Stuck inside – a story that explains isolation

Social stories

These stories using simple language and symbols and are great for helping children with additional needs understand what they have to do and why.

Stay at home, Stay safe 

No visitors to my house

Understanding why we have to self-isolate

Supporting your child when they become upset, anxious or distressed.

Here are some useful hints and tips for helping your child when their feelings cause them display anger and frustration through their behaviours.

Sometimes we all feel cross, or angry, or upset.  Look at the chart below….how do you and your child feel today?  If you are a 4 or a 5 the links below may help you….have a look.

How to support a behaviour meltdown

4 ways I can calm myself down – tasks for children

10 ways to calm down – a checklist for children

Let’s talk about how we feel – exploring emotions together

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