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Year 1

Download the Virtual Take Five Is Here Flyer – Use your passcode to log in to the video.


  • Try to do the following every day…

  • read one of your school books and get your reading diary signed

  • complete the Fluent in Five for that day

  • Choose 1 Purple Mash job to do.

  • Spend 10 minutes practising your handwriting in your purple book

  • Do a Go Noodle or join in with Joe Wick’s workout.

  • Practise counting in 2s,5s or 10s. Can you count forwards and backwards? OR sing the number bonds song. How quickly can you write out all the number bonds to 10? ( remember to include the commutative ones). Then try number bonds to 20

Remember I will  be looking at all of your work when we return to school. Make it your very best 🙂

Click on this link for Mrs Wyatt reading ‘Lost and Found’

There is also a fantastic activity pack for this story.Click here to view or download * Go and check it out!


Extra Maths!

Try this work on Number Bonds from White Rose Maths.

If you have some lego at home , have a go at continuing these patterns…

Please click on the above link for a little hello from me to you. MASSIVE thanks to Mrs.Martin for talking me through how to do this. xxx

Grow your own Rainbow Science Experiment!

Please click on the above link to watch a short message from Mrs.Chapman 🙂

Monday 11th May

Good morning everyone. I have put some new art activities on Purple Mash.

Design your own Pizza,  ice- cream  and some new clothes for me!   I look forward to seeing your ideas.

Tuesday 12th May

Wednesday 13th May

Thursday 14th May

Friday 15th May

Monday 18th May

I have included some extra maths for you this week. Some slightly trickier questions from White Rose.

Tuesday19th May

Wednesday 20th May

Thursday 21st May

Friday 22nd May

Don't forget to go on GO NOODLE!

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