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Year 1

Hello Everyone in Y1

Week beginning 30.03.2020

Hi Wolves,

Welcome back to the Year 1 page. I hope that you enjoyed your weekend and that you are starting to get used to our new routine. It’s very strange isn’t it? But I know that you are a great bunch and that you will rise to the challenge.

Don’t forget if you get fed up or start to feel sad, you can use  the TAKE 5 that we do at school to take a breath and step back from everything.





If you have been able to go out for a walk with your adult or family you might have seen pictures of rainbows in windows.

The aim is to make people smile and also to offer a message of hope  that things will get better.

Rainbows remind us there is ALWAYS hope and light after dark times. 

Why don’t you draw or make a rainbow and put it in your window?



Joe Wicks is showing a live fun work out every morning at 9am, login to his youtube channel for more information.


Jobs … 

Make or draw a rainbow and put it in your window.

Read your book.

Check out the new Purple Mash Tasks

Count in 2s all the way to 30 and write it down  (don’t forget to put a finger space in between each number).

Tuesday 31.03

Good morning Year 1. Did you make a rainbow? If you didn’t it’s not too late. Draw it using bright colours and don’t forget to put it in the window of your house.


Who wants to do the Chicken Dance on Go Noodle?

Wednesday 01.04

Hi Year 1.  Here are some more jobs for you to do today. I am really enjoying looking at the Purple Mash work that you are doing. I’ve been really impressed! Keep it coming.

Choose one of your school books to read. Ask a grown up to sign your reading diary.

Thursday 2nd April

Hi year 1. I have put some more activities on Purple Mash for you to do. Keep checking which ones you have done and which ones you still need to try. They include …


Retelling the story of WhatEver Next using sentences, picture and sounds!

Designing a WANTED poster for the Gingerbread Man

Planning meals for a Monster

Also have a go at the activities below.    Be good and keep making the right choice for your grown ups. lots of love Miss Digby 


Friday 3rd April

Good morning Year 1. Here are today’s jobs for you. 

Remember to KEEP READING. This is the most important thing you can do while we are away from school.

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All of the year 1 staff send you their love and are missing you all very much. We would like to say thenk you and a very unusual goodbye to Mrs.Sheldon who is retiring after many years of being a Teaching Assistant. THANKYOU DIANNE xxx  Rest assured we are not letting her escape without a proper send off so she WILL BE BACK whenever we are , for a proper goodbye and thankyou.

And finally… log onto Go Noodle and have a go at this. Remember to copy carefully the actions on the screen.

Lots of love from Miss Digby Mrs.Chapman and Mrs.Atkins

Easter Holidays

Next week ( week beg. 6th) and the following week ( week beg.13th) are the Easter Holidays.This means that there will be no extra work set for you during this time. If you would like to do some work on Purple  Mash then I will still mark it, but there is NO EXPECTATION for you to do any. 

It is a bit of a strange time at the moment for all of us, but it’sSTILL your Easter holidays and I want you to have fun and try to enjoy yourselves.Play in the garden do some colouring or perhaps make a den to read and eat your Easter Eggs in.

I will keep checking in with you from time to time to say hello.

lots of love

Miss Digby x

Abbey Hill Primary and Nursery School