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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Please click on the link below at 9:00am to join our live registration and find out what your jobs are for today.

Zoom meeting link

This is your timetable for the week. You need to click on the link to teams below to find your work for each day.

Teams link

To end the day there is a live story session at 11:40pm. Click on the link below to join.

Lunch time registration and story

Year 1 timetable

If you would like to do any more work when your teams jobs are all finished, below are some things you can do:


There are many websites that will help your child to learn their letter sounds…  is an excellent one to use.


Phonics Bloom has games to play that test your understanding of Phases 2 -5 .


We use Letters and Sounds to teach Phonics at Abbey Hill. Click on the link below to find phonic activities that support our phonics work.

Teach My Monster to Read

 This fantastic website covers everything from letters and sounds to reading full sentences. It uses the same phonics approach as we use in Year 1.



PE with Joe has started again. You could join him for daily exercise.

Don’t forget to take a look at the Go Noodle web page and do a routine that we do in class.

RSHE  Spring Term

What makes us Special?  

We are all different but all of  us have our special qualities that make us unique. In our first lesson we will be thinking about our own qualities. Click on the link below to take part in this lesson.

Lesson 2 – We are One Big Family.

We will look at how we are the same as each other but we can still be different! Click on the link below to take part in this lesson and have a go at making  a paper chain doll.


Lesson 3 – My Hobbies

Hobbies are great. I have lots! I love to run, walk my dogs, walk in the mountains and read as many books as I can! What hobbies do you have? Perhaps you like to paint? maybe you enjoy swimming? or perhaps you like to grow flowers and vegetables in your garden? In our next lesson we will think about how our hobbies can make us feel .

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