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Year 1

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* Click below for phonics sessions with Mrs Wyatt *

Trash or Treasure TRIGRAPHS (part one)

Trash or Treasure TRIGRAPHS (part two)

Bouncy Blending TRIGRAPHS

OR – AW – AL – AU blending

AU Splat game

Matching game – SYLLABLES

Match-up game – SPLIT DIGRAPHS

Trash or Treasure SPLIT DIGRAPHS

Mrs Wyatt’s storytime sessions!

Simply click on the book titles below to watch and listen to each story.

‘Frog and the Stranger’

  • This story is a reminder that we are all different, but that it is so important to treat each other kindly and fairly. How do you think rat felt at different moments in this book?
  • Have a think about any words you didn’t know in the story. Can you find out what they mean?

‘Bringing Down The Moon’

  • I wonder if you can see the moon in the sky at night? It really is beautiful. To learn more about the moon click here
  • There are many phases to the moon, which makes it look different! Have a look below at them.


‘The Crocodile Who Didn’t Like Water’

  • Why do you think Crocodile is lonely? Do you remember a time that you felt lonely?
  • Try acting out the following feelings: scared, chilly, sneezy, surprised, and happy. Don’t forget to be silly and over exaggerate the actions, especially the sneeze!

‘Amazing Grace’

  • Look at the portrait of Grace on the cover of the book. Can you draw your own self-portrait, or a portrait of a friend or family member (or pet)
  • Grace loves stories. What is your favourite story? Could you retell a story to a friend?

‘That Rabbit Belongs To Emily Brown’

  • Stanley is a special toy for Emily. What things are special to you? Why are they special?
  • Could you write about an adventure that you might have with your favourite toy?
  • ‘Rat-a-tat-tat’ is an example of onomatopoeia. Can you find out what this means and find more examples?
  • Imagine that you were going on an adventure with Stanley to Outer Space or the Sahara Desert. Plan what things you might need to take with you.
  • What animals live in the places that Emily and Stanley visit, e.g. The Sahara Desert, the Amazon Rainforest, the Great Barrier Reef? How are they adapted to living there?

‘All In One Piece’

It’s a busy house! How is it similar and different to your home?

‘Six Dinner Sid’

Have a think what these words mean… 

swanky airs,   smooched,   damp,   suspicious,   appointment,   furious 

Click  *here* to check!    

‘Grandad’s Island’

Some linked activities will be in the Year 2 work pack – or available *here*

‘One is a snail, Ten is a crab’

A fun counting book! Can you think of different ways to make 10? 20? 100?  

‘While we can’t hug’

Who will you send a smile or a wave to? Who could you write a letter to? 

‘Lost and Found’ 

Fantastic activity pack available *here*

‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’

Why not plan a dance that Gerald might be able to do! The author wrote this book after a trip to Kenya. Can you find Kenya on a map / globe? How might it be similar / different to where you live?

If you are looking for ways to celebrate diversity and discuss inclusion with your child, below are a couple of ways to begin the conversation…

Black Lives Matter Powerpoint

We are all different eBook

Week beginning 8th June 

I have added some new activities for you to do on Purple Mash. The children who are coming into school will be doing these activities. Please keep working through your most recent  workbook . Another one will be sent out in a week’s time. It will contain the work we having been doing in school.

Don’t forget to keep looking on Go Noodle !

Fluent in Five

Please click on the above link for a little hello from me to you. MASSIVE thanks to Mrs.Martin for talking me through how to do this. xxx

Grow your own Rainbow Science Experiment!

Please click on the above link to watch a short message from Mrs.Chapman 🙂

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Keep an eye out for our next Year 1 work pack . It will contain the work that we are doing in school.

Friday 12th June

Monday 15th June

I have added new activities to Purple Mash.

You can design a palace fit for a Queen,

Go on a shape hunt and record what you find,

I have also included some more phonics tasks.

We have made changes to our classroom environment in order to make it as as safe as it can be. The children sit at desks 2m socially distanced from each other and staff. They all have their own pack of resources ( pencils, scissors, sound mat etc) so no one else touches them. We have put marks on the floor to show children where to wait for washing their hands and lining up. We wash our hands at the start of every day and before and after playtimes /before and after eating.

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Well that’s all gang! Oh my goodness me – WHAT a year! I have loved being your teacher . Each and every one of you have made The Wolves classroom a very special place to be. I wish you all the best of luck as you move up into Year 2. Remember to keep reading over the Summer Holidays, so that you are in the best possible place to start your Year 2 journey in September. Enjoy your holidays. Make good choices and stay safe.

Lots of love from Miss Digby x

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