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Year 6


My Flamazing Flamingos!

As you will see, all of the work had gone.

This is because, it is now your holiday. The past 2 weeks you have done me proud by completing all of your work and I can’t wait to see it all.

Please take the next two weeks to enjoy yourselves as much as you can. I know it is hard in these difficult times but make sure you spend time with your family doing things that you love. Have a water fight (the weather is going to be lovely!), bake a cake and create as much mess as you like with the paint (Sorry parents!). Wash the pots, tidy your bedroom and clean up after yourselves, your parents deserve a break too.

This year you have made both myself and Miss Deakin so proud. You have worked your socks off to get to where you all are now and we are both immensely proud and flattered that we have been able to teach you this year. Now put your feet up, you deserve a rest!

Stay safe!

Miss Hill and Miss Deakin!

p.s.See you in 2 weeks for more work! 🙂

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