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Year 6

Flamingo Class!

Hello Flamingoes!

Over the next 6 weeks, whilst you are working from home, there are a some jobs you need to complete. Some will be on the website here and some will be on Purple Mash

Website jobs:

  • Maths
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Spelling
  • History/geography/science/Spanish
  • Art
  • PE

Purple Mash:

You will need to see which jobs I have set for you this week. There is a mixture of maths, reading, writing, grammar, spelling, history, geography, RE, science and computing. There is lots to choose from! Please complete the jobs I have set you first and then you can choose some of your own if you wish.

Also, remember to keep emailing me to check in and ask for help if you need it! When you log onto Purple Mash, type in 2email into the search bar and your emails will appear.


Have a look at these online safety posters and activities to remind yourselves how to stay safe online.


Remember to stay at home and stay safe!

Miss Hill and Miss Deakin



Every day, you need to complete  Fluent in 5 and FLASHBACK4. These are located in the additional files.

You need to start working through the decimals FLASHBACK4  as well as the SPRING term Fluent in 5.

Please follow this link: Additional Files

Here is an example of what to look for:


White Rose Maths


Keep up to date with the maths we are doing in school this week by following this link: White Rose Maths   The worksheets and answers are located here.

To access the online learning videos on the white rose website, click here.

This week we are looking at Spring 1- Week 1 Decimals

Watch the videos and make sure you complete the questions in your book-I’ve popped the worksheets and answers for you in the additional files.


Make sure you keep practising your times tables at home, ready for our weekly test! TTRS is a super way to practise but also battle against your friends. Every child has their own log in so that I can see how often they are logging on and track how well the children are doing.

 Times Tables Rock Stars



On Purple Mash this week I would like you to retell the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Make sure to ‘hand in’ your piece of work when completed so that I can mark it and feedback to you.




Complete the following Pobble tasks based on this photo: Breaking Down.

Question time!

Global warming is an important issue in the world today. The ice-caps are melting.

What does this mean?

What are the consequences of this happening?

Should we be acting to stop this from happening?


Sentence Challenge!

Metaphors and similes are fantastic was of vividly describing things to the reader.

Come up with 3 metaphors and 5 similes to describe the image. You can use these when finishing the story at the end of the week.


Use the story starter below to finish off the story. Make sure you re-read through your work and check for punctuation as well and trying to improve your vocabulary choices.

If you’d like to look at other Pobble activities, click here to go straight to the webpage.


In the additional files, there is also a Talk for Writing English unit called City of Silence. Complete this over the next 3 weeks.


Make sure that you read every day!

It is really important to keep up your excellent reading and read regularly at home. This could be your book, a news article or one of the reading comprehension texts you have been set.

Make sure you add to your Purple Mash reading journal each week to let me know what you have been reading and a brief overview of what the text was about. 


You also need to read chapters 1 and 2 of Around the world in 80 minutes on Purple Mash. I will be setting activities for you to complete on this next week.


Oxford Owl have an excellent variety of Ebooks for you to choose from. Here are just a few that would be good for Year 6 readers:

Click here to take you straight to the webpage.



You will find these in the Reading folder in the additional files.



This week’s comprehension task is called: Holiday Talk

Read through the text and make sure you understand all of the vocabulary. Then find the synonyms to match the words listed below the text.


This weeks spelling lessons are all about suffixes in the past and present.

Follow this link to go to two online lessons.

Make sure that you practise the spelling words from the video for the whole week as there is a spelling test at the end of the second lesson.

Here is a link to some fun games to help you apply what we have learned: Spellzone Games

You also need to continue to practise homophones- I’ve uploaded a presentation to jog your memory and test your understanding of what we have learned. Follow this link: Spelling


It is also important to continue to practise previously learnt common exception words (CEW). The Year 5/6 word list is below. Continue to use the strategies we use in school to practise these.

Year 5/6 CEW

Spelling Strategies

Oak Academy Year 6

Below is the link to Oak Academy. Here you will find lots of additional links and activities including music, history, geography, science plus lots more.



BBC Bitesize is continuing to offer a variety of lessons across all of the subjects. Log on daily to see what live lessons are available for year 6.

Follow the link below to take you straight to the Year 6 learning page:

Follow this link to take you to the KS2 activity page:


Last week, you should have completed one of the two drawing lessons.

This week (11/01/21) I would like you to learn about Ken Done and watch the following clip to see how he draws landscapes: video link

After watching the video, use him tips and tricks to create your own landscape picture using whatever materials you have at home.



In science, this half term, we are focusing on light!

In class, we have made some shadow puppets to explore how light travels in straight lines and does not bend as well as not being able to pass through opaque objects- this is how shadows are formed.

Make your own shadow puppets and experiment too. You could also look at how to make the shadows smaller and larger.

I have set some tasks on Purple Mash to test your understanding of this too. Make sure you complete them.


Here are a few we made in school:

12-01 Complete this lesson from Oak Academy on reflection and then complete the jobs I have put on Purple Mash.

Learning Project-

Stone Age – Bronze Age – Iron Age


Complete some internet research around Stonehenge:

  • Where is Stonehenge located? Continent, country, county and town.
  • What is Stonehenge?
  • What is Stonehenge famous for?
  • What material is Stonehenge made from?
  • What is the summer and winter solstice and why is that relevant to Stonehenge?
  • What time period was Stonehenge built in?

Here is an arty image of part of Stonehenge showing how moonlight casts shadows. Use black paper and chalk or white paper and pencil to create a similar image, demonstrating what the sunlight or moonlight does.


Prehistoric Britain:

You next task is to learn all about Prehistoric Britain.

Follow this link to take you to a lesson where you will learn all about it. Make sure you take part in the quiz at the end to see what you have remembered.


Complete the following online lesson to learn all about Hinduism and how it began as a religion.

Follow this link!



It is really important that you stay active whilst you are working from home. It is important that you also stay safe so here are 3 excellent links to workouts you can do at home.


For Spanish this week, I would like you to recap the weather. Follow this link for an online lesson.

Here are some excellent websites for you to continue learning and practising Spanish!


Letters from the Lighthouse

This is our class book at the moment. It is all about WWII which is our current learning project. In the upcoming weeks, we will be completing lots of work around this topic.

Letters from the Lighthouse: Carroll, Emma: Books


Remember that you can access many more resources in our Year 6 additional file!

Click here to follow the link!

Abbey Hill Primary and Nursery School