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Year 6

Flamingo Class!



Morning Flamingoes,

For today can you please complete another  Fluent in  5 and Flashback 4. Please follow the link to the Whiterose maths lesson. It will be division with remainders.

Please check your Purple Mash as I have set some 2 do’s.  Also see the writing task below.

Purple Mash

When you log onto Purple Mash, type in 2 email in the search bar and your emails will appear.  You can then send an email and ask any questions you have. I will check throughout the day.

Remember to self isolate and keep safe.


Each week, I will upload Fluent in 5 and FLASHBACK4 into the additional files for you to complete. This will help to keep past learning in the front of your mind and practise topics you haven’t been taught in a while.

Please follow this link: Additional Files

Whiterose maths lesson activity sheet

Whiterose maths lesson  video


Thursday maths activity sheet

Answer sheet

Make sure you keep practising your times tables at home, ready for our weekly test! TTRS is a super way to practise but also battle against your friends. Every child has their own log in so that I can see how often they are logging on and track how well the children are doing.

 Times Tables Rock Stars


Thursday writing.


At the moment in class, we will be focusing on homophones. These are words that sound the same but are spelt differently and have different meanings. Have a look at the words below and use our Abbey Hill spelling strategies to practise spelling them. I’ve included an example of how you could draw around the words to show meaning- have a go at this strategy first.

Homophones to practise-make sure that you understand the meaning too!








I have uploaded a powerpoint into the additional files for you to have a look at- it has many more of the homophones that you need to learn on it. Follow this link: Spelling


It is also important to continue to practise previously learnt common exception words (CEW). Here is a list of the Year 3 and 4 words for you to practise.

Year 3 and 4 CEW

Spelling strategies

Letters from the Lighthouse

This is our class book at the moment. It is all about WWII which is our current learning project. In the upcoming weeks, we will be completing lots of work around this topic.

Letters from the Lighthouse: Carroll, Emma: Books


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