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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

Year 6 has two fantastic adults who work together to support our Year 6 Abbeyhillians in each lesson.

These adults are:

Miss Hill – Flamingos Class Teacher

Miss Deakin – Flamingos Classroom Assistant


At Abbey Hill, Maths is taught in three different ways: Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract.

Concrete uses physical resources and ‘manipulatives’ which the children can handle and they are shown how to use them to learn new concepts. For example, blocks representing ones, tens and hundreds to help with place value. Children are encouraged to use these in all lessons and can access them independently – when appropriate.

The children are then taught how this links in with…

Pictorial uses visual representations (images) that children can draw or look at to help with their work. For example, looking at fractions and seeing a shape split into quarters – to help children physically see what that looks like.

Again, the children are taught how this links in with…

Abstract uses pen and paper. Working out calculations using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. What we might call classic “Maths”. This builds on the work done in Concrete and Pictorial and extends children’s knowledge and understanding into other areas such as reasoning and problem solving.


We have recently started a new style of English lessons. Called The Write Stuff. This gives the children more support in their writing.

Each lesson is split into three chunks looking at various aspects of English, such as: similes, personification, relative clauses and many more.

The children work through a specific book and use teacher models to write their own stories. They have been doing a great job so far and we have written our own versions of ‘Varmints’ and ‘A Monster Calls’. We are currently working on ‘The Firework-Maker’s Daughter’.

Learning Project

Our Learning Project this term is “The Ancient Egyptians”. We have been learning about various aspects of this ancient and fascinating culture, including: mummification, the afterlife, the river Nile, Pharaohs, hieroglyphics and many more. We have also had an experience day where the Partake company came in and led us through an entire day looking in detail at different parts of Ancient Egyptian culture. We looked at what a person would be buried with, what spices they would use in food and in making the dead smell nice, and even buried a prince!


Reading is a crucial part of helping a child learn. To be able to read well opens up the rest of the curriculum to them. If a child struggles to read, then they will struggle to read information in a Science lesson, or instructions in a Maths lesson for example.

All children in Year 6 have a reading book and a library book. The reading book is levelled appropriately for their reading ability and it is vital that they read this at home – as well as the times they read it in school with an adult.

Please, where possible, sit with your child and listen to them read. Make sure they understand what they are reading. Also, look for other times that they could be reading something. For example: in magazines, on the TV, whilst out and about, signs on the road or anywhere!


In Year 6, PE is on a Monday and a Friday. Please make sure your child comes to school in suitable clothing that day. Especially footwear for when lessons are outside.

Mondays are our lessons with the Sports Coach. This half term we are doing Gymnastics.

Friday lessons are taught by the Class Teachers. This half term we are doing Handball.

Earrings should be removed for all PE lessons, or if this is not possible, taped up. Long hair should also be tied up in a pony tail.

How to be a great Abbeyhillian

It is really important for children to have enough sleep, a balanced diet and plenty of exercise so they can be ready to learn.

We follow our school rules to keep everyone happy and safe at Abbey Hill. Our rules are:

  • Kind hands, feet and words.

What we say and do to others can have a big impact. A positive word or deed here or there can make a big difference to someone else.

  • Good listening.

Listening is a crucial skill. This may simply be in a lesson. If a child misses an instruction, then they will struggle to complete the set task. If they miss certain instructions, this may put them and/or others at risk of getting injured or causing damage to school property.

  • Do what adults say.

Part of being at school is for the children to learn to trust the adults that teach them. Our experience and training puts us in a privileged position but also one of responsibility and we are the rule setters at school. It is important that the children do as we say to keep them happy and safe. And to keep others happy and safe too!

At Abbey Hill we want to ensure we are confident communicators, have a good knowledge and understanding of the world around us, and have a strong sense of self.

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Make sure that you read at least 3 times per week!

Oxford Owl have an excellent variety of Ebooks for you to choose from. Here are just a few that would be good for Year 6 readers:

Click here to take you straight to the webpage.

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