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Year 5

Hello Year 5.


While you are at home, I will be updating your homework page daily with tasks for you to do. Remember, you also have your workbook to complete and to do your work in.


Mrs Deakin has provided us with lots of Spanish sites to try:


This week, (wb 30.3.20), we are focusing on words with the ‘i’ sound that are spelt ‘ei.’

This is quite a difficult spelling choice as there are lots of words spelt with ‘ei’ and ‘ie.’

The two letters ‘ei’ (grapheme) can represent lots of different sounds (phonemes). It can also be very hard to know whether to use ‘ei’ or ‘ie.’ Sometimes people use the rule: ‘i before e except after c,’ but we need to remember that this works with a lot of words, but not all of them.

Use the list of words below, read them and sort them according to whether they include ‘ie’ or ‘ei.’ Focus on the ones with ‘ei’ – what do you notice about the sound that he ‘ei’ is representing?

Now focus on these words- Put these words into groups. You will hopefully see that you end up with two main sounds – ‘ei’ as in ceiling, and ‘ei’ as in vein. Can you see anything that is the same about all of the words in the ceiling group?


  • ‘C’ is usually followed by ‘ei’ making the long i sound – ceiling.
  • The other most common sound is the long ei sound – vein.
  • Most words use ‘ie.’
  • ‘ie’ is the only grapheme (spelling choice) used as a word ending.
  • ‘ei’ is the only grapheme (spelling choice) used as a word beginning.
  • ‘c’ is usually followed by ‘ei’ (with a few exceptions: science, glacier, ancient)
  • The long ‘ei’ sound is usually represented by ‘ei’.









Please remember, our next learning project is Allotments, if you have a garden you could think about how your garden could become your very own allotment!  For this unit of work we are going to be looking at the story A Secret Garden.

This website has an audio copy of the story that you can listen to free online.

On Purple Mash I have set a task for you based on Sir Isaac Newton- Remember, we looked at Newton and his work on gravity a couple of weeks ago so this will act as a good recap.

The times tables task is also still available for you to complete – this comes with a mini test type activity – just like our weekly class tests; I know that you all enjoy these and are trying to beat your score every week.

The Twinkl Home Learning Hub is very good and even contains some home tutorials – particularly helpful if you are not sure how to do something.


Please look at the following:

The website is providing packs to complete at home for the children to carry on with their learning in line with what they have been learning at school up to now.

The site is free and school uses White Rose in its teaching of maths.

White Rose are also running daily sessions at 10am for children to follow which includes tutorials and tasks. Please log onto this at 10am every day!

There is also a support group on Facebook. If your parents have a Facebook account, please join the following group: Year 5-White Rose Maths Home Learning


This site offers you some practical activities to do linked to the science units we have and will cover.


Joe Wicks is doing a fun workout on his youtube page every morning at 9am. This could be a good way to start your day. I know a lot of people are using it at the moment and I know a lot of the other teachers at Abbey Hill have suggested it to their children in their class.


I know that some of you really like David Walliams. This site has some fun activities that you could look at and complete:

Oxford Reading Owl have uploaded some free Ebooks. Please look at these because there are good texts on there for all age groups and reading abilities.

The below texts are suggested for 9-11 year olds.

You will see that there is another copy of The Secret Garden.

And – I must admit, I love anything to do with mythical beasts and dragons.

Perhaps you could also fill in a book review about any of the books that you have read. I have put an example of a book review on here for you to see and use.

Book Review

Monday 30th March 2020

Good morning Year 5!

I hope that you all had a good weekend!

As you can see, I have put this week’s spellings on the site for you. We have briefly looked at these words/rules before. They are quite tricky, but have a look at them this week and see if you can learn the rules/guidelines and how to spell some of the words with the ‘ei’ and ‘ie; spelling choices.

While I have been online, I found this internet site – it can be linked to PE and  being active but it is also a lot of fun:

Please don’t forget to use Times Tables Rockstars- The battle is still on and Year 6 are winning at the moment.

Also, on Purple Mash, there is a new task to complete based on Sir Isaac Newton!

Today, I am going to put a Fluent in 5, Problem of the Day, Flashback and your next English task. Please complete each task in your workbook or notebook, ready to hand in once we are all back at school.

Fluent in 5

English activity (day 1 of 5)

Tuesday 31st March 2020

Good morning Year 5!

It looks like the sun is trying to break through outside, let’s hope the rain holds!

I hope that you all managed to complete yesterday’s tasks and enjoyed the range of activities that you have been given. I have seen that some of you have been working on the Isaac Newton task on Purple Mash – this is really good to see. Remember, you need to include a lot of writing for this task before you say it is finished and send it. Once you open the task, it gives you a whole list of things you need to find out about and then write about. Please spend time on this task and complete it in detail – you can work on it over a few days.

Today, I am setting a Fluent in 5, Problem of the Day, Flashback and a ‘crack the code’ activity for maths. I will put the answers to the ‘crack the code’ activity online tomorrow. I am also setting the second English task this week. Remember to complete all of these in your workbook or a notebook ready for me to see.

Keep using the White Rose sites as these are really good.

Keep using Times Tables Rockstars – the battle between Year 6 and Year 5 is still active.

Keep reading – remember, we ask you to read at least 3 times a week and you have a few options on this site if you haven’t got any more books to read at home.

Fluent in 5

Crack the Code

English activity (day 2 of 5)

Wednesday 1st April 2020

Good morning Year 5!

Can you believe that it is April already? Clocks have moved forward and we are definitely into Spring now with the lighter evenings and slightly warmer weather – lovely!

I hope that you have all managed to have a go at the ‘crack the code’ activity that I set for you yesterday – this was a really good way to recap multiplication and division. I am going to put the answers to this online today.

Today, I am also going to put a Fluent in Five, Flashback, Problem of the Day, your next English task and a piece of artwork online for you.

The art work links back to the fantastic roller coaster artwork that you created before. Again, it is a YouTube video, so you will need to pause it as you go or slow it down to your pace as you draw the theme park. You can draw it in your workbook or on paper (of any size) and if possible, I would like you to colour it in. You could use felt tips, pencil crayons or shading using your pencil.

Please also remember, that you need to be reading, learning you spellings, times tables and I hope that you are using the daily White Rose lessons. If you haven’t managed this yet, try today. The White Rose address is nearer the top of this page under the Maths sub-heading.

Fluent in 5

English activity (day 3 of 5)

Answers for 'crack the code'

Art task:

Go on to YouTube:

Thursday 2nd April 2020

Good morning Year 5!

I hope that you enjoyed the art task that was set yesterday. If you have not completed this task, do not worry, remember that you can complete this task over time. I am really looking forward to seeing these, I  know that they are going to be fantastic just like your roller coaster art work.

I hope that you saw the text messages sent yesterday. I need to see as many of you as possible using the resources that are on this page and completing the different activities set – don’t forget to use Purple Mash, Times Table Rockstars, White Rose; they all have tasks that I want you to complete while you are not at school.

I hope you saw the text about the fun task I am going to put on here today – that is something I am going to talk to you about at the end of today’s page.

First – I am going to put a Fluent in 5, Problem of the Day, Flashback and your next English task – remember to complete these  in your workbook or a notebook ready for collection when we are back at school.

Fluent in 5

English activity

Newspaper template

This is quite a long English task, so I am giving you two days to complete it this week and Monday. You could set it out like the template is showing you, if you want your newspaper article to look like a real article. Please remember to include the skills in the success criteria, I have put a copy online today but remember, you also have a paper copy of the success criteria in your workbook.

Now, for a bit of an exciting and different task.

Look who came to visit me at home yesterday:                             

I would like you to create a piece of written work based on this event – it could be a poem, a newspaper report, a diary, a story, a non-chronological report – it is up to you.

You need to include information about the animal or animals – it is up to you how many you write about. You need to include lots of information, you could think about: What they are doing in a house? Why are they with me or another human? What do they want?

Let your imagination go WWWIIILLLLLLDDDD!

But – please remember those writing skills!

It would also be lovely to see if you can do anything else with this idea- could you do some art work- perhaps a drawing of one of these animals or another animal, perhaps you could draw yourself with an animal or maybe take a photograph of you with your ‘pets.’

I have added something to Purple Mash that should allow you to write your work directly onto a page if you would like to try this.

I am really, really, really, really, really, really, really looking forward to seeing what you all manage to complete!


Friday 3rd April 2020

Good morning Year 5!

I hope that you enjoyed the tasks that I put online for you yesterday. Please make sure that you keep working on these and finish them to a really high quality. I know that the art task, English task and task about the animal pictures should keep you going for quite a long time- do not rush them!

Please remember to continue the documents on Purple Mash – I have not received many of these yet. However, well done to you if you have completed yours and the ones that have been completed have all received a comment. Well done you!

Times Tables Rockstars- Battle of the Bands between Year 5 and Year 6 – at the moment Year 5 have over 5,000 points- this is excellent. Keep going, Year 6 are still a little ahead of us!

Today, I am going to put a Fluent in Five, Problem of the Day, Flashback and ICT task online for you. Please remember to complete all work in your workbooks or notebooks.



Fluent in 5

Do you remember the coding based ICT work that you completed with Mr Savage?

Today, I would like you to complete some more coding based activities, like the ones you worked on with Mr Savage.

Please use this internet site:

There are a lot of different games and activities on this site but I have not looked at all of them. The two I would like you to try are called: Code Combat – this is one that the site classes as a relatively easy one and then Dragon Blast – this is a little bit harder and you may need to try a few times for each of the levels. I know that you enjoyed these types of tasks before and this is coding!

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