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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Welcome to the Year 5 class page!

We are Elephant class!

Class teacher: Miss Haywood

Class teaching assisstant: Miss Astle


This term our learning project is The Golden Age of Islam. We are learning to understand who scholars were and the acheivements of the Early Islamic civilisation. We research to learn the importance of Baghdad and the round city and understand how advanced the Islamic civilisation was by comparing a home in Baghdad to an Anglo-saxon home. We are developing our knowledge of trade and power by learning about Silk Road; knowing where routes were in the world and what items were considered vaulable to trade. Finally, we are learning about the House of Wisdom and why it was important to scholars for developing their knoweldge.


This half term our The Write Stuff unit is ‘The fantastic flying books of Mr Morris Lessmore’. We are working hard to improve our writing by including a range of writing skills. New skills we have been learning to use in our writing is parenthesis, relative clause and personification. Ask your child what these skills are to see if they can remember them!


This half term our maths unit is mulitplication and division. We are developing our mathematical knowledge by learning how to multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000, understand factors and common factors, prime numbers, square numbers and cube numbers.

Below are some stem sentences that we use in class:

When the number is multiplied by 10 the numbers move 1 place to the left.

When the number is divided by 10 the numbers move 1 place to the right.

10 – 1 place

100 – 2 places

100 – 3 places

Composite numbers are numbers with more than two factors.

Prime numbers are numbers with exactly two factors.

A square number is a number multiplied by itself.

A cube number is a number multiplied by itself 3 times.


Reading is really important to help a child learn. It is important that every child reads at least 3 times a week. All children in Year 5 have a reading book and are able to choose other books from our library to read for pleasure.

Reading doesn’t have to be a reading book. It can be picture books, magazines or even newspapers!


In Year 5, PE is on a Monday and Thursday.

On Mondays we have a P.E session in school with our sports coach. Children can arrive to school in their P.E kits.

On Thursdays we have swimming sessions at Hucknall Leisure centre. Children need to arrive to school with their kit on underneath their uniform. Children must also bring a towel and underwear in a waterproof bag.

Earring must be removed for all P.E sessions. Instructors will not allow children in the water with earrings in. Staff cannot remove these for children. 

How to be a great Abbeyhillian:

It is really important for children to have enough sleep, a balanced diet and plenty of exericise so they can be ready to learn.

We follow our school rules to keep everyone happy and safe at Abbey Hill. Our rules are:

  1. Kind hands, feet and words.
  2. Good listening
  3. Do what adults say.

At Abbey Hill we want to ensure we are confident communicators, have a good knowledge and understanding of the world and a strong sense of self.






Must read 3 times a week!

Oxford Owl have an excellent variety of Ebooks for you to choose from. Here are just a few that would be good for Year 5 readers:

Click here to take you straight to the website.


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