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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

Please click on the link below at 9:15am to join our live registration and find out what your jobs are for today.

Zoom meeting link

This is your timetable for the week. You need to click on the link to teams below to find your work for each day.

Teams link

You also have a live check in at 11:50am. Click on this link to join it

Lunch time zoom link

At the end of the day there is a live story session at 1:45pm. Click on the link below to join.

Afternoon registration and story

If you would like to do any more work when your teams jobs are all finished, below are some things you can do:



  • We would like you to continue to read three times every week at home. Don’t forget, you can now record the reading that you are completing on the journal that is on Purple Mash. Some of you have sent the reading journal back to use so we can see what you have been reading – this is fantastic. You will see that we have then sent it back to you so you can keep recording your reading. 
  • Please use the Oxford Owl internet site –
  • Purple Mash:
  •  REMEMBER- you can email us using Purple Mash if you need any help or want to send us a message. You need to log on to Purple Mash and then type 2email into the search bar. We will check this regularly to make sure that you are all ok.
  • Topic:
  • Please use
  • This website has resources and tasks for you to complete based on Electricity and the Anglo-Saxons/Vikings.
  • Science:
  • There are activities that we want you to complete on the Oak Academy website based on ‘Electricity.’ We are coming to the end of this block of work this week. If you have not completed each of the lessons, please make sure that you do so. 
  • We would also like you to use the Oak Academy to re-cap our last Science unit (States of Matter). Please look at the information below to see more about the website and the lessons.
  • To help you with our next Science units, we feel that the Ecosystems lessons on the Oak Academy could really help you. Please have a look at these lessons:
  • PE:
  • We all know that exercise is important to keep our bodies and minds healthy.
  • Please use:
  • Supermovers
  • Joe Wicks
  • GoNoodle
  • Spanish:
  • Remember, there are lots of websites to help you with your Spanish:
  • duolingo

Oak Academy - Science Resources

States of Matter

Useful Websites:

This is a list of useful websites, they are websites that we use in school and they are websites that we will set regular work on for you to complete:

Purple Mash: 

If you click on the link below, it will take you to the Purple Mash page, this is a site that we use in school. You will need your login details to access this. On this site, there is lots of activities and tasks for you to try. There will be some 2Dos that you can work your way through to help you learn at home. Once you have completed each task, please remember to click the ‘hand-in’ option so the year 4 teachers can see it and then send you feedback.

Oak Academy- Year 4:

Oak Academy provide a lot of activities and learning opportunities. The site includes activities for music, history, science, geography and more.

Pobble 365:

Pobble 365. This website provides activities for comprehension and reading. Every day, there is a picture and some tasks to complete about it. Some of the pictures provide writing opportunities for you to complete.

Oxford Owl Reading:

Oxford Owl Reading is a free website and has lots of reading based tasks for you to complete.

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