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Year 4

Download the Virtual Take Five Is Here Flyer – Use your passcode to log in to the video.

Welcome Year 4!

Hello Year 4!

WC 20th July 2020.

Good Morning Year 4 and 4A! Miss Haywood and Mrs Melton have set some new work this week for you! Please click on ‘Additional activities’ at the bottom of the maths section to find extra activities for you to do at home.

This homework page has been set up so you can updates on activities that need to be completed at home, as well as your ‘work at home’ packs.

FREE BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons! BBC bitesize website are providing 3 lessons a day for English and Maths and another on either Science, R.E, Music, Geography, Wellbeing and History. These lessons include videos and interactive practice activities. Click on this link to go straight to the Year 4 page:

FREE ONLINE LESSONS! Oak National Academy are providing free lessons for a range of subject areas. These lessons are very interesting as they are interactive! Click on this link to go straight to their Year 4 page:


White Rose Maths have created new lessons for this week. If you didn’t complete some of the activities last week, they are still on the website for you to see. Look on this website  for lessons. Look in the ‘additional activities’ folder at the bottom of the maths section for the questions and answers for today’s activity.

White Rose Maths is the scheme that we use for our daily maths lessons. They are offering FREE home learning packs which includes a teaching video, questions and answers. Using this will help you continue your learning in line with what we have learnt in school.

There is also a support group on Facebook. If you or your parents have a Facebook account please join the following group: Year 4- White Rose Maths Home Learning.

Here is a FREE times table pack Ultimate-Times-Tables-Tests-Year-4. Also, there is a guide for you which breaks down how to use the pack and the level your child should be working at Times Tables Pack Parent Guide. There are 5 tests and assessments along with the answers at the end on the document. These papers can be spread out across several days. Also these questions do not need to be completed in ‘test conditions’ but as an extra times table worksheet.

Natwest MoneySense Home Learning. Natwest have set up a home learning page with a range of videos, activities and games which help introduce children to money. They also offer ‘Moneysense Monday’ which is a fun and interactive lesson delivered by themselves and teachers. Year 4 children will need to complete the KS2 live talk. Live lessons can be found on their Facebook page and Youtube page. Click on this link to go straight to their home learning page:

Each day there will be a new Fluent in 5 and Problem of the Day. Do these in your purple work  book. They will appear at the bottom of this class page.

Additional Resources


Visit the website to find out about the 1066 Battle of Hastings!

This week we would like you to write about the Bayeux Tapestry. Use the internet to help find out more information. Log into Purple Mash and click on the 2dos to complete this task.

Also click on the ‘Additional activities’ link at the bottom of the page for additional English work to do. Don’t forget to complete the daily English lesson on BBC Bitesize.

These task may take a couple of days to complete so save your work progress everyday. This doesn’t have to be completed on Purple Mash. It can be written in your purple workbook.


Remember to read at least three times a week at home. Use the guided reading grid for activities to complete for any book that you are reading.

Other useful links:

The Wind in the Willows stage show is now streaming for free. Link:

Yoga for Kids videos. Link:

World Book Online have 3,000 ebooks and audiobooks for free. Link:!/

David Walliams free audiobooks of his stories. Link:


Click on ‘Additional activities’ at the bottom of the page for spelling activity sheets.

Once you feel confident with those words, log in to Purple Mash and complete the Y4 Spelling quiz.

Look in your ‘home learning pack’ for more activities to practice spelling these words.


Login to Purple Mash for extra computing activities. These will be tasks in addition to your English, Math and Spelling tasks. Please go to your 2dos and complete them before the deadline.  I will add more tasks every week so keep your checking on your 2do list for new activities!


Senorita Deakin has found 3 excellent Spanish websites full of games and activities for you to keep practising your Spanish:



Week commencing 20th July

We have set you some work to recap what you have learnt previously in science. Visit Purple Mash to find these activities. We would also like you to complete the activities on light words and write about the life of Thomas Edison – the inventor of the lightbulb! Use the internet and books to research information for your these activities.

Here are some website with lots of home learning science activities:,70DU,AKBRU,QW1F,1

Look in the ‘Additional activities’ folder at the end of the maths section for additional worksheets.



In your ‘school closure pack’ you were given a P.E guidance. This includes a range of activities and games that you can do indoors and on your garden. Whilst you are at home, it is still important to be active.

Use these links for a range of online videos and activities:


Fluent in 5-20.7.20

Flashback 4 20.7.20

problem of the day 20.7.20

Fluent in 5- 21.7.20

Flashback 4 21.7.20

problem of the day 21.7.20

Flashback 4 22.7.20

Fluent in 5- 22.7.20

problem of the day 22.7.20

Fluent in 5- 23.7.20

problem of the day 23.7.20

Flashback 4- 23.7.20

Fluent in 5- 24.7.20

Flashback 4 24.7.20

Problem of the day 24.7.20

Hello Year 4,Miss Digby here ( Take Five Champion!).

Please click on the link at the top of this page to show a flyer all about Take Five. I will be sending the passcode out by text so you can watch the  films of the different practices. You can also do your own – I know some of you already use these at home. Love Miss Digby

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