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Year 3

Year 3 Otters and Squirrels

4th January 2021

Otters and Squirrels

As some of you will now be learning from home, Mrs Melton and Mr Blythe will be setting you work that you can do. Some will be Purple Mash jobs and some will be website jobs. We’ll let you know which one!

Jobs you need to do

  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Maths
  • Spelling
  • Phonics
  • DT
  • PE
  • History/Geography/Science/Spanish

The work from the website will be separated into files for each week. These can be accessed by clicking this link. The work is split into weeks so it is easy to find. Within each week, you will find the work for each day. You can then choose which lessons you would like to do on that particular day. You should be aiming for 3 hours a day.

If you have any questions, please email Mrs Melton or Mr Blythe by using the email system on Purple Mash. We will always reply to you.

Please remember to stay safe and if you go out remember to always social distance like we did in class. We look forward to seeing you all as soon as school reopens.

Purple Mash

We’ll be uploading a mixture of activities that you can do on PM in addition to the weekly tasks above that we set you from the website. These can be Maths, Reading, Writing, Grammar, Spelling, History, Geography, RE, Science and Computing. So keep an eye out for ones that might interest you!

If you click on the link below, this will take you straight to the Purple Mash page that we use in class. You will need you log in details to access this but here you will find lots of activities, games and fun ideas for you to have a go on. There will be some 2Dos that you can work your way through to help you learn at home. Once these are done, you can send these to Mrs Melton or Mrs Blythe for us to mark and send you feedback. There will be new ones throughout the lockdown.


11th January 2021

Writing this week will be based on a Pobble picture. There will be a short writing task everyday this week to go along with the picture. This can be accessed from the Year 3 folder here.

If you want to have a go at some other pictures, the link to the website is below.

Pobble is a website based around writing comprehension. There is a different picture every day for you to have a go and write about. There are also other writing challenges for you to complete at home.


Your work for maths is accessed by clicking the link in the section above Purple Mash. It is written in green. Each day we will be looking at either addition or subtraction.

In addition to your maths task, there will be a task called Fluent in 5. As the name suggests, the idea is to give the children 5 minutes to complete the questions. It should be done daily and will be accessible through the OneDrive folders. Please use it to discuss methods and strategies of answering the questions. Here’s an example:

A video link to help with Mondays work is here  

A video link to help you with Tuesdays work is here.

A video link to help you with Wednesdays work is here

A video link to help you with Fridays work is here.


Reading is so important. You should be reading every single day. These can be lots of different things! Picture books, reading books, magazines or even newspapers. We will also set you weekly texts to read. If you have any siblings, why not ask them to read to you? Or you to them?

11th January 2021

Our text for this week can be found here and is all about Pompeii and the eruption at Vesuvius!

Oxford Owl is also a fantastic resource to help with your amazing reading skills! Try it out!


11th January 2021

Your spelling activities can be found on the website this week here.

Here are a few websites that can help you along the way!

Below is the Year 3/4 spelling list that will help you.


11th January 2021

Phonics is still really important for us to keep practicing whilst we are at home. Reading will help with this as well.

The activity for this week is to play this game on Phonics Play.

Select revise all Phase 4 is it asks you.

Some really useful phonics websites to use are:


Although lots of learning is online now and you’ll be using computers, IPads and tablets, it’s still super important not to lose our writing strength!

This is a video that can help you practice your letter formations.

Try and do 2 letters 3 times a week. So for example, you could do g and y on Monday, t and h on Tuesday and o and a on Wednesday. See if you can write a sentence at the end of each H/W session in your neatest writing!



Exercise is really important four our bodies and minds. We should be aiming to do 30 minutes every single day where our hearts race!

Joe Wicks is starting up his morning exercise classes again and there will also be an exercise class shown on the BBC.

I also came across this website which is free for children – Sworkit 



Light and Dark

Your science task is located here.

Online Safety

As much of your learning has moved online again, we thought it would be a good time to remind both parents and children how important it is to be safe online: Follow this link to take you to some online safety activities

Learning Project

These tasks will be linked (where we can) with your learning project this half-term which is Natural Disasters. 

For this week, I’ve uploaded some quizzes for you to do on PM which is a re-cap on things you should have learnt in Year 2. 

BBC Bitesize and Oak Academy

These websites are seriously brilliant. They can enrich your learning in lots of different ways and there’s so much content, there’s bound to be something that interests you!



Here are some links to help you with learning some Spanish.


Purple Mash is a fantastic resource to learn some computer skills. Skills you’ll need to develop because it’s used for lots of things!

As well as the Online Safety tasks set above, I’ll set some work for you guys to do on PM. The work I want you to do is called 2go and it’s basic coding by giving directions. Have fun!

Design Technology

Our project this half-term is to design and make a castle! There is some information about castles and what they look like here, along with your activity for this week.

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