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Welcome Reception!

Parents and Carers

The Reception pack which we have given you, has many fun activities which you can share together.

Many activities for our younger children are about learning through play and therefore you will be able to use resources you have at home to help your child.

At this time of year, our Reception children are starting to get ready for Year 1. The ‘Special Book for Home’ will help you support your child’s learning.


Here are some great websites which your children will enjoy:


Alpha Blocks – Early Years

CBeebies – Early Years

Purple Mash

All of your children can get onto You can log on with the password I sent home.

I will set some work every week, which you can find on your 2 do’s. Have fun!


Please keep sharing books with your children. I have put some reading books in your pack for you to read together. On CBeebies there are some lovely Bedtime Stories you can listen to together.

Continued Support

I will keep posting messages on this page and ‘Marvellous Me’ to keep in touch with you. New ideas for you to do at home will also be put on this page.

Message to our Reception Children

I am sorry we will not be able to work together for a while. Please keep trying hard for us and make good choices for your grown-ups.

We look forward to seeing your ‘Special Work Books’ when we all see each other again.

The Reception Team

Week Beginning 23.03.2020

Hello all my Reception friends. I’ve put on a few ideas which you can do with your grown-up. I’ll check back in with you on Thursday and set 2 more challenges.

Take care and try hard!

Website of the week:

Number Blocks

Topic to talk about with your child:

What happens in Spring?

Purple Mash 2 do’s: 

      1. 2 Paint – Paint a picture of yourself
      2. Gingerbread Man – Create a Gingerbread Man
      3. Basic Shapes – How many different kinds of shapes do you know? Show your grown-up what they look like

Challenges of the week 

Monday Count the doors in your home. How many are there? Find the number on your number line and write it down. Digging Deeper If you have another room built and there are 2 more doors – how many are there now altogether?

Tuesday With the help of a grown-up, find some circles in your home. How many can you find altogether?

Wednesday Choose a story and read it with your grown-up. Can you find the ‘Tricky words the  I  go  no  to  into in the story?

Morning Everyone!

It’s Thursday already and I’m back to set 2 more challenges.

I hope you completed the other 3 challenges for me!

Thursday Ask your grown-up to write the numbers 1-10 on a piece of paper and cut it up. Your grown-up can then hide the numbers, either in your house or in the garden. No looking whilst the numbers are hidden! When your grown-up says, go and find the numbers. Digging Deeper Grown-ups, you can make this harder by writing the numbers 1-20. You can also help the children order the numbers from 1-10 or 1-20 when they have found them. The number line in the pack will help. Enjoy!

Friday Toothbrush Challenge! At School we enjoy our time when we brush our teeth together and you are so great at getting your teeth sparkling clean. Today your challenge is to ask your grown-up to time you cleaning your teeth for 2 minutes. Remember brush at the top, bottom, front and your tongue. You can use the toothbrush and toothpaste we sent home. Keep brushing twice a day and look at your clean teeth in the mirror.

Family Fun!

Have some family fun with Joe Wicks. 

My friends you can also go on GoNoodle and have some fun!

Log on to Go Noodle and dance along with Banana Banana Meatball


Please keep reading with your grown-up. Grown-ups your child needs to keep reading with you so they do not forget what they already have learnt. Remember that Phase words are in the front of the special home book. Thank you and keep enjoying bedtime stories

Please remember we are all thinking of you and the Reception team miss you.

I will be back to chat with you on Monday.

Mrs Cartwright-Fretwell

Friday 27th March

Do not miss this!

I have checked back in today, as I have just seen something really exciting!

LIVE: A virtual zoo day at @chesterzoo

As you can’t come to #TheZoo right now, we’ll bring it to you! Join us on our @Facebook page tomorrow from 10am and enjoy a whole day of animal antics, LIVE from your sofa

Week Beginning 30.03.2020

Hello all my Reception friends. It’s our second week and I’ve put on some new ideas which you can do with your grown-up.

I’ll check back in with you on Wednesday and set 2 more challenges.

Mrs Cartwright-Fretwell Smiling Face Emoji (U+263A, U+FE0F)

Website of the week:

Topic to talk about with your child:

Where do eggs come from?    Everything Worth Knowing About Chicken Eggs - Backyard Poultry

Please talk to your children about birds laying eggs. 

      1. Talk  about the eggs which the children eat and that they come from a chicken
      2. Try and get your child to taste eggs cooked in different ways e.g. scrambled, poached, boiled and fried. Which is their favourite?
      3. Talk to the children about birds laying eggs and chicks hatching from the eggs 

Chick quality - Poultry - Species - DSM

Purple Mash 2 do’s: 

      1. 2 Paint – Paint project – Create a chick

Challenges of the week 

Monday Find everything in your house which begins with the letter s Digging Deeper In your special book draw and label objects which begin with the digraph sh

Pictures of Number 1-10 | Free printable numbers, Printable ...

Tuesday Count the bowls in your house. How many are there? Find the number on your number line and write it down. Digging Deeper If you drop 2 of the bowls – how many are left?

Hello my friends it’s Wednesday and I am back!

For the last 2 days I have been in the Foundation Stage Unit looking after some of your friends with Mrs Bower, Mrs Dear and Miss Christy.

As I have been driving to School, I have seen some rainbows in the windows of houses and this has put a big smile on my face.

How Rainbows Work - (Information + Facts) - Science4FunRainbow Smiley Faces | Rainbow Smiley Face Pocket Mirror Happy ...

I’ve had an idea!

Ask your grown-up if you can have some paper and some coloured pencils or paint. Draw or paint a rainbow which can be put in the window of your house.

When you go out for a short walk with your grown-up, look for the rainbows in the windows of other houses. How many can you count?

If a friend is standing and looking through the window, smile and wave. It will make you feel happy!

How To Draw Happy Face Emoji - Smiley Face Transparent PNG ...

Challenge Time!

Wednesday Match the Socks. Ask your grown-up to let you put the same 2 socks together, when they have done the washing. How many pairs of socks did you match? Grown-ups you will love this challenge as it saves you doing a job! Repeat every day – hee hee!!!

Thursday Draw your favourite toy. Choose a favourite toy. Using your special book, draw your toy carefully. Digging Deeper Label the different parts of your toy with the help of a grown-up e.g. leg. Remember to sound the words out and think about when you need to write a digraph e.g. feet.

Please remember that we have given you all those fun activities in the pack you brought home.

Grown-ups, thank you so much for spending this time helping your children. I know it isn’t easy at the moment, but if you can do some fun jobs with your children, it will really help their learning. Just try and make it into a game and it will be easier.

Thinking of you all

Mrs Cartwright-Fretwell


Morning Everyone – It’s Friday!

Really exciting news again today. Chester Zoo are showing another day at their zoo. This time you can watch it on Facebook or You Tube

LIVE: A virtual zoo day at @chesterzoo

As you can’t come to #TheZoo right now, we’ll bring it to you! Join us on our @Facebook page or @ You Tube from 10am and enjoy a whole day of animal antics, LIVE from your sofa

Challenge Time is back!

I hope you have been busy with the other challenges I have set. It was also lovely to see the work yesterday, that some children had done on Purple Mash. Well done!

Friday Minute Madness! How many star jumps can you do in a minute? Ask your grown-up to time you and show them your fabulous jumps!

An extra challenge today! Please write your name as neatly as you can and show your grown-up. Grown-ups, any letters they find difficult to write, please show them how to write them. Reception friends, remember capital letter and then small letters. Grown-ups I know you want the best for your children and so a little bit of writing every day will really help them for when they get back to School.

Thank you  Yellow Emoji Birthday Party Happy Face Symbol Classic Round ...

Week Beginning 06.04.2020

Easter Bunny Song | Kids Song | Easter Songs | The Kiboomers - YouTube

Hello all my Reception friends. It’s now the beginning of the Easter holiday, but this year it is a little bit different!

I will be in School this week from Monday-Thursday with Mrs Bower, to look after some of our Foundation Stage children. Miss Williams, Miss Christy and Mrs Cooling will also be joining my team.

The second week of the Easter holiday, Mrs Hardy will be in the Foundation Stage Unit with her team, whilst my Team has a little bit of time at home.

So I am not going to put challenges on for the next 2 weeks, but I am going to suggest some fun activities you can do with your grown-ups.

Wishing all my families a Happy Easter

Please stay inside other than your daily walk.

Please stay safe and look after the NHS Staff and all Key Workers

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Easter on You Tube:

CBeebies/Preparing for Easter/Let’s Celebrate

CBeebies/Celebrating Easter/Let’s Celebrate

CBeebies Makes/Make Your Own Easter Decorations

The Best Easter Egg Hunt Ever Book/Easter Books for kids/Children’s Books Read Aloud

Google Book Trust – Stories for kids online and fun games

Everybunny Dance eBook: Ellie Sandall: Kindle Store

Great books to look at: EveryBunny Dance and Ugly Duckling and Friends

Pinterest has some great Easter activities – have a look for some fun ideas

The Best Easter Activities for Little Kids to Do Together

Some of my favourite Easter activities:

Hunt for eggs. Hide eggs round your house or garden. Have fun together searching for them. Who has found the most? You can do this with chocolate eggs, or with eggs with the numbers 1-20 written on.

Make an Easter card for someone you love. It will put a smile on their face.

Chocolate nests. Use rice krispies and chocolate to make some nests. Put small chocolate eggs in the nests. Share them with your family- yummy!

Boil some eggs and decorate the shells with bright colours. You can make them into characters.

Disney Easter Egg Decorating Ideas For Kids: Q-Tip painting and ...


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