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Hello Pre-school Friends

We are pleased to say how nice it has been to welcome our Parents and Carers back into our Pre-school again!

During this Summer Term we are going to be learning about the different types of minibeasts. In the second half term we will be looking at the different types of transport. We have lots of fun activities planned.

Grown-ups, please remember that we are always here to support our families. If you would like to talk phone us on the Pre-school number or talk to us at pick up or drop off.

Thank you for your support

Miss Eyre (Pre-school Manager), Miss Christy (Pre-school Deputy) and Mrs Townsend (Pre-school Assistant)  

The themes for Summer are Minibeasts and transport

The children will be taught to:

  • Name four different types of minibeasts: Spider, Ladybird, Caterpillar and butterfly

The key texts are:


Wibbly Pig: In Wibbly's Garden By Mick Inkpen

Slow Snail By Mary Murphy

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Picture Book Analysis – SLAP HAPPY LARRY

Dear Zoo


Click the Dear Zoo picture below to hear the story being read.

Dear Zoo - Destination Chesterfield | Destination Chesterfield





Vocab time

Click the picture below to watch and listen to a range of basic vocabulary. 

Baby and Toddler basic vocabulary - Images and words for babies in English - YouTube





Identify animals

Can you name all the animals from the story? What sounds do the animals from the story make? Which animal is your favourite?

Going to the Zoo! | Sarah Kirchoff's Blog


Music Time!!

Let’s have some fun at home. It’s fun simple activity all you need is a few pans and a spoon, or maybe something else that you have at home. What other things could  you use? Click the picture below to hear a song to sing and listen to while having fun playing music.

Crossed Wooden Spoon And Cooking Pan Stock Vector - Illustration of icon, drawing: 165453123

Slow Snail

Slow Snail (Baby Walker): Mary Murphy: Books


How to Draw a Cartoon Car in 12 Steps - EasyLineDrawingDrawing a cartoon rainbow


Click the pictures of the car and rainbow to listen to the songs ‘Driving in my car’ and ‘I can sing a rainbow’.

Make your own shaker

Get an empty bottle and decorate it with whatever you want, get creative!! How many colours can you use? Pour in rice, pasta or some little stones and make your very own shaker. Can you shake the shaker while singing your favourite nursery rhyme?

What’s the weather?

What is the weather like out of your window? Is it raining? Are the branches blowing on the trees? Click the picture below to hear the weather song.

What's The Weather Like Today | Song Lyrics Video for Kids | The Kiboomers - YouTube

Counting steps

Practice your counting skills to ten, as you climb steps in your house. It is always great fun to take a giant leap off the bottom step. Click the numbers below to hear a counting song.

Drama Game: Group Count (1 to 10)

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

It is very important for our youngest AbbeyHillians to develop skills which enable them to form good friendship groups.

In Preschool we promote positive actions to create a friendly and welcoming environment for all.

And most of importantly of all, during these difficult times…





Sharing food at snack time is a great way to discover your own likes and dislikes. You can learn new words and also practice identifying different colours. Click the picture below to hear Peppa Pig’s Fruit and Vegetable song.

Activities | Peppa Pig | Official Site | Welcome to the Activities Page

Communication and Language

Singing songs and simple rhymes is a great way to promote language development with your child. Our singing activity ”What’s in the box?” is always an eagerly awaited part of our daily routine. Try this at home with your child’s favourite toys. Click the picture below to hear the ‘What’s in the box?’ song.

  • Spooky spider
  • I’m a Dingle Dangle Scarecrow
  • When Santa got stuck up the chimney
  • Rudolph the red nose reindeer
  • Twinkle twinkle Christmas star

Mrs Walton’s top tips

Kids Talking Cartoon stock photos and royalty-free images, vectors and illustrations | Adobe Stock

Hi, My name is Mrs Walton and I am one of the Speech and Language Teaching Assistants here at Abbey Hill. You may have seen me working throughout the Foundation Stage Unit. I specialise in supporting children with language and communnication difficulties, 1-1  or in a small group.

Working closely with Speech and Language Therapists, I have been fortunate to develop my skills over the years and I am now in a position to offer training to teaching staff to further help support children’s communication and language development.

7,675 Kids Talking Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from Dreamstime

If you need any advice or just a general chat regarding your child’s language and communication development, talk to a member of the FS Staff and they will let me know 😊.

Talking together

No matter how old I am one of the best ways to help my speech and language development is to have some quiet time with me so we can talk, look at books together or sing nursery rhymes.  It is always best to make sure the T.V is switched off and there is little background noise.

  • Give me a choice so that I can talk to you e.g. Juice or Milk? Apple or Orange?
  • Talk to me during everyday activities or routines such as bath time or getting dressed e.g. Wash face, socks on.
  • When I am talking try repeating and extending with more words e.g. I say “car” you could say “Yes there is a BIG RED car”
  • Don’t worry if I mispronounce a word just say it again in the correct way e.g. “tat” you can say “yes there is a Cat”
  • At my age, I have difficulty staying focussed and moving my attention from my surroundings, call my name before talking to me and lower yourself to my level gaining eye contact before given an instruction.


Selling your property in Autumn? Here are our top tips...

We challenge you to put on your woolly jumpers and your wellies to go and find all things autumnal! Create a poster or a display of your favourite finds. This is a great way to get talking and learn new vocabulary!

You may find Conkers, Pumpkins, Crunchy leaves and Pinecones. You may also notice new sounds such as a squirrel rustling in the trees, a trickling of water or the whistling of the wind. See what you can discover this Autumn. Have fun!!!

Physical Development

It is important for every child to stay active for at least 30 minutes every day.

This is very important for a healthy body and healthy mind.

Kicking,  throwing and catching is a great way to use all the muscles in  your body. This will help hand eye coordination, balance and spacial awareness. All these skills are used for writing.


Jumping is a great way to exert some excess energy and can be done in all areas inside and outside.

Count step/stairs and jump of the last as a reward for good counting. Click the picture below to hear one our favourite songs ‘Sleeping bunnies’ which we sing during our session, this songs allows your child to jump. 

Sleeping Bunnies Song - Nursery Rhymes and Baby Songs | Songs For Kids | Learn with Little Baby Bum - YouTube

Bedtime Stories

Bedtime stories are a great way to end a busy day, you can either read a story that you have at home or you could listen to a story on CBeebies Bedtime Stories. Click on the CBeebies Bedtime Stories picture below to listen to a different story every night.

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