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Hello Nursery boys and girls!

Monday 18th May

Hello Everyone!

Can you believe that it is nearly 9 weeks since we have seen each other and since we have been able to have fun at Nursery. We have missed PE with Mr Yates, Jo Jingles sessions with Gaynor, snack times, letters and sounds and all sorts of other exciting jobs.

The Nursery teachers are missing spending time with you and sharing fun times together but we know we have to be safe and keep well.

Make sure you look after your family and make time for some fun, some cuddles, some exercise and some relaxing every day.

Take care

Mrs Hardy

Gaynor has sent me a list of the children who are joining in with Jo Jingles. I can see that there are lots of you who have still not signed up. please go to Jo Jingles Nottinghamshire on facebook and sign up  – you are missing lots of fun!

This week we are going to be thinking about our feelings.

Let’s start with the song “If you’re happy and you know it”.


Sing the song with your grown ups and see how many different feelings and actions you can think of. I’ll give you some ideas to start you off…..

If you’re happy and you know it laugh a lot

If you’re angry and you now it stamp your feet

If you’re scared and you know it scream out loud

Now see  how many more feelings and actions you can think of


Family Feelings

Spend some time together talking about the things that make you feel happy and the things that make you feel sad.

You could make a list, draw pictures, make the faces and take photographs…use your imagination!

You might want to explore other emotions like angry, jealous, scared. 

Paper plate puppet

You can use paper plates for this job or just cut out some circles of card.

The fun bit of this job is you can use ANYTHING you can find to make it …. string, pasta, wool, paint, pens, straws, grass, leaves….so go hunting!

Work with your grown up to make a puppet of a happy face – it could look like you or you could make a happy monster, a happy superhero….whatever you like!

You could then make puppets that show other feelings too!

Make play-dough faces

If you don’t have play dough at home here is a simple recipe for you to follow:

Use a mug:

1 full mug of salt

2 full mugs of plain flour

2 full mugs of boiling water (grown ups only please!)

2 teaspoons of cream of tartar (you can find this in the baking aisle)

2 teaspoons of cooking oil

food colouring of your choice (or none)

It is so easy – just put all the ingredients into a big bowl and mix together! When it is made play-dough keeps in the fridge for a long time – just pop it in a plastic bag or a tub with a lid!


Now you have got your play dough you can make anything you want  – but I would like you to try making different faces!

Emoji time!

You will have to ask your grown up if they can help you with this job!

Can you find emojis to show lots of different feelings OR look at emojis and try to guess how they are feeling.

Can you make your face look like the emojis you find?

can you draw or paint them?

Sing a long with Sesame Street

click on the picture below to sing and do actions with the Sesame Street Gang

Story time

Click on the picture to watch the cartoon story about Happy and Sad.

What things did Happy do to try and cheer up Sad?

Which one worked?

How could you cheer up people who feel sad?

That’s it for this week! Next week is a school holiday and I will be at home getting some jobs done. Check in again at the beginning of June for some more ideas.

Mrs Hardy

Abbey Hill Primary and Nursery School