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Hello Nursery boys and girls!

This week’s book is Goldilocks and the Three Bears……


Ask your grown up to tell you the story, or search for it on youtube –  there are lots of stories to watch.

Music and Movement with Jo Jingles

One of the things we will all miss is seeing Gaynor and Jo for our singing sessions. Good news! If you type “jo jingles nottingham online” into your facebook search bar you can access live and interactive sessions. Gaynor will be live on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10.30am.

Hello everyone – it’s Monday again!

I hope you had a good weekend….it was very cold wasn’t it?

I spent of lot of time snuggling on the sofa with my dogs and my cat.  I had to give Fudge and Oreo a bath on Saturday  – this is NOT their favourite thing but they both look lovely and smell gorgeous now.

I saw Mrs Wikinson and Miss Williams at school last week and Mrs Marsden called us on the phone to ask if we are all well. The Nursery grown ups miss you all so much and we think about you every day.

Remember to listen to your grown ups, make right choices and stay happy

Monday 30th March

Jobs for this week

Mrs Wilkinson has helped me to think of some jobs for you to do this week.

We are still thinking about the story of Goldilocks and the three bears so don’t forget you can find lots of stories on you tube and CBeebies.

I think you will be clever enough to retell the story yourself now – try making different voices for Goldilocks, Mummy bear, Baby bear and Daddy bear.

Monday 30th March

Today we would like you to try these things…….

Start off by going on a number hunt around your house.  What can you find with numbers on them…, tins, bottles, clothes, remote controls…phones….etc. If the weather stays dry you could use your 30 minutes exercise to walk around Kirkby looking for numbers.  You could take photos of all the numbers you find!

Search for some pots and pans!

Find a large, a medium and a small one. Can you do the same with spoons. Then it’s time for your grown up to cover their ears while you make some music! Can you play loud, quiet, fast, slow? Can you sing a song and tap to the beat…..

Last job for today…..Have a teddy bear’s picnic

Can you help your grown up make some sandwiches. See if you can spread the bread just like you do at toast time. Think about what else you could have at your picnic….fruit….biscuit…..drink…..cake….

Then find your favourite teddies and a blanket and choose where you will eat….in the garden….in the living room…..under the kitchen table….




Tuesday 31st March

Today would be toast day at Nursery so see if you can help to make and spread some toast for your family at snack time. Maybe you could set up a toast cafe like we do at Nursery!

Mark making

Ask your grown up to help you find tray and put in it some flour, or salt or glitter if you have any at home.

If you can’t do this paper and some crayons or pens will be just fine!

Can you use your finger, or a pencil, or a stick from the garden to make patterns? Now try writing the numbers 1, 2, and 3 like the three bears. Last of all have a go at writing your name.

Singing time

Choose three of your favourite Nursery rhymes or songs we share at Nursery.

Can you sing them in a loud voice, a quiet voice, fast and s…l…o….w?

Ask a grown up to help you find the songs on youtube and watch and sing a long together.

How many different Nursery rhymes can you spot in this picture?

Wednesday 1st April

Good morning everyone!

I’m at school today with some of our Nursery friends – we have just had some breakfast and now we are  getting busy so I’ve got a few minutes to give you some jobs to do today

Hide and seek!

Find one of your teddy bears and take it in turns with your grown up to hide it.  Count to ten and then go hunting. When you find the bear use your words to tell your grown up where it was hiding….

was it….

BEHIND the sofa

UNDER the table

NEXT TO the dogs bowl

IN the cupboard

ON TOP of the bin

BETWEEN the chairs

Where else can you hide……..

The three bears house

Draw a picture of the three bears house.

Can you give it a triangle roof, square windows, a rectangle door?

Can you draw some round stones to make a path?

Flower hunt

Go for a walk and see it you can find some flowers.

Ask your grown up if you can take photos or if you are kin your own garden you could pick a few to take inside.

Friday 3rd April

Hi everyone! I  had a busy day at school yesterday, sorry I didn’t put a message on the website for you but I’m going to tell you why……

Mrs Wilkinson has been busy making a HUGE rainbow for our school gates and yesterday Miss Williams helped me hang it on the school gates!

We would love it if you could go on a “Rainbow Hunt”. Walk to school and see how many rainbows you can spot in windows on the way and then visit out HUGE rainbow on the gate.

If you would like to you could leave us a message or a picture on the gate – we would love to collect them up and see what you have all been doing – I could even put some of them on the website for your friends to see!

Grown ups just make sure any pictures and messages are safe and do not give away any of your personal information – you could maybe pop them in an envelope.

So my jobs for you are going to be rainbow jobs today.

These jobs might keep you busy for some of the holiday time too!

Make a rainbow

Your first job is to make your own rainbow to put in a window at your house. When your Nursery friends go on their rainbow hunt they will then be able to see your special picture

Rainbow scavenger hunt!

Look at the list below and go hunting with your grown up

How many of the things can you find or think of?

Can you find your own set of rainbow coloured things?

Make rainbow shapes

Time to get thinking – your grown ups might need to help you with ideas!

Can you find different things around your house and garden that you can make a curvy rainbow shape with……

Maybe….. some string, wool,  play dough,  hose pipe, spaghetti

Or put small things together to make the shape……lego bricks, spaghetti hoops, cars, flowers, leaves, clothes pegs, paper clips, cereal

It would be great if you could take a photo and if you have a printer at home you could put it on the school gate for me to see

A note about next week

It feels funny to be saying it is the school holidays for the next 2 weeks when I haven’t seen so many of you for so long. The teachers are going to take it in turns having one week off. This means that next week I won’t be getting in touch every day.

I will put some Easter activities on here to keep you busy while you stay at home and hopefully some good news about Jo jingles too! Then I’m going  to turn my computer off for a week.

I’m going to do some jobs around my house….

some cleaning, some decorating, some gardening if the sun shines and lots of dog walking!

My Oreo and Fudge on a walk……

So look out for my Easter tasks over the next few days and then I will be in touch with you all again when the Easter Bunny has been

take care

Mrs Hardy

Abbey Hill Primary and Nursery School