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Year 2

Meerkat Class

Welcome to Spring Term 2021

Hello Meerkats! Keep up your hard work at home. We know it is tricky not being in school but we are loving seeing the work you are doing. We hope you are all okay. Thank you all for working with us at this difficult time. Please do check this class page EVERY DAY as we will be adding new resources and links. 

Home Learning checklist – W/B 18th January (Week 3)

Note: to show Powerpoints in slideshow mode, click the icon in bottom right corner.

We don’t expect you to do every task every day, but please try and have a go at most of these activities over the week. We are so proud of all your hard work!



Read and write: THE ROBOT MAKER. Take a look at this picture and make up your own story by answering the questions.

You can even have a go at these 20 questions to get to know a character!




Spelling: Click here for this week’s spellings. Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check

This week they include homophones. Look at this YouTube video for a recap. This SpellingPlay interactive resource should also help!

You can then take the test on Purple Mash – good luck!

  • Off-screen activities: Have a go at some of these – get creative!!


Colourful Semantics

Remember our colourful semantics from our English lessons? Have a go at writing a selection of sentences –  make some funny ones up if you like! I will do one for you…

The dog is chasing a ball in the field.




  • Geography: Look on Purple Mash and have a go at labelling all 4 countries of the U.K and at some point this week try and watch this video lesson from The National Academy. It is all about the settlements and is about 20 minutes long. * CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO LINK *
  • Geography – here are some YouTube links to songs to help with learning and remembering!

UK and capitals Song              Seven Continents Song

Continents and Oceans Song             Five Oceans Song


Think back to our science lessons on habitats and food chains. Have a go at the game on the BBC by clicking here. Can you complete a range of different food chains thinking about producers (plants that make their own food from sunlight), consumers (animals that eat the plants) and predators?


We have been loving learning Spanish in Year 2 this year! If you want to continue some Español at home that would be MUY BUENO (really good!)

Spanish number song    Spanish colours song    Spanish colours game     

Please remember – you can email the YEAR 2 team on Purple Mash. Please do keep in contact. We love hearing from you and are here if you have any questions or need help with anything. (How to email – log onto Purple Mash, type in 2email into the search bar and your emails will appear.)

Online Safety – more time will likely be spent online during lockdown, so it is more important than ever to stay safe online. Click here for a folder full of activities about cyber security, video watching and streaming. Please try and discuss these things with your child. Thank you.

Finally, please continue to stay safe and look after yourselves and your family. Best wishes to you all, from Mrs Wyatt, Mrs Martin and Mrs Atkins


Flashback 4

This is an example of a daily set of questions on  ‘Flashback 4’. These cover different maths area such as shape, money, time etc. They help to keep the children’s skills in constant use to interrupt their forgetting. Make sure Powerpoint is in slideshow mode, so that answers aren’t shown. Click the icon in bottom right corner.

* CURRENT – Click here for FB4 –  Week 3 and 4 (Jan21) * 


* Click here for FB4 –  Week 1 and 2 (Jan21) * 


Fluent in  5

This is an example of a typical ‘Fluent in 5’ question. There are usually 3 questions per day and these help to build the children’s maths fluency as they revisit different maths concepts daily and get to practice different maths skills when solving them. Answers at end of each week’s slides. We are now in week 3.

* CLICK HERE for Fluent in 5 – January 2021 * 


Spelling Common Exception Words

These are the common exception words for Year 1 and Year 2. The idea is that by the end of Year 2 (July) children should be able to read and spell all of these words with confidence. Learn one or two a day, keep going back over them, make up a game based on  some of these words – be as creative as you like! 🙂

Handwriting – using cursive











* CLICK HERE for handwriting practice – January 2021 * 


It is so important to stay healthy and active throughout these tricky times! Have a look at the following activity and see if you can have a go. Choose a place in your house with enough space, or if it’s dry and not too icy outside – go out into your garden!


Have a play on the Blob Opera – explore the sounds of the different voices and see what you can create!


Have a look at the following grid – try and do some of the challenges. They may not all be appropriate as you may not have all the things you need at your house. Ask someone to help you and always ask before cutting anything up or using anything around the house.


Have a look at my screen shot of the school and surrounding area. If possible, use Google Maps too and try to plan your route to school! Which roads do you turn down? Do you turn left or right at the end of each street? Try to write a simple set of instructions that someone could follow to get from your house to school! You could even try sending them to us on Purple Mash through email! If you’re going out for a daily walk to get your exercise, practise walking the route and think carefully about the roads you have travelled along!


Oak National Academy Year 2 – Lots of resources and video lessons to explore and use.

Once Upon a PictureA great website that gives a picture for the children to use as a starting point. there are also inference and comprehension questions.

Purple Mashonline learning platform where work will be set and can be handed in.

Phonics Play website  – Many games on this website are free to use and it is packed full of fun, interactive games to support phonics. 

White Rose Maths – Home Learning  – We work on a lot of White Rose maths in class. They have fantastic resources on their website, to support maths learning at home.

BBC Bitesize website (Year 1 and 2)  – This has activities, videos and quizzes for every subject! It’s worth an explore.

Times Tables Rock Stars A fun website to practice times tables (login needed)

Numbots Another fun website to help with number and fact recall (same login as Times Tables Rock Stars)

Oxford Owl ReadingA great website full of free to read ebooks (not the same as our phonic books in school but a great alternative to keep up that reading practice!)

* Y2 FOLDER – click here for many more resources and activities *


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