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Year 2

Download the Virtual Take Five Is Here Flyer – Use your passcode to log in to the video.

Welcome to year 2!

A big hello to all the Year twos!

We hope you are all safe and happy at home.

The week beginning 25th May will be the half term holidays, so we won’t be putting daily maths activities on the website. Instead, we hope you have a chance to spend some time outdoors – enjoying the sunshine and nature and being together. We will add some fun and crafty activities that you may fancy giving a go.

Although you are not in our classrooms, you are in our thoughts.

Keep Reading… 

Don’t forget to read to your adult at least 3 times a week! Once you have read a good story why not chat about what you loved about the story and why. You could also have a go at predicting what MIGHT happen if you are reading a new story.

Phonics Play is also completely free to use at the moment – with lots of really fun, interactive games! It’s definitely worth taking a look… 

Oxford Owl has a website with lots of free eBooks that are suitable for any age and level of reader! It’s definitely worth taking a look if you are running low on good quality reading books. It has a great range of both fact and fiction.

  * Click here for Oxford Owl reading e-books*


Maths    +  −  ×  ÷  =

Let’s have a go at remembering our fact families and bonds to 20 – think about different ways you can make 20! This video will really help.   

For other fun maths games take a look at the Top Marks website. There’s so many great games to help with learning –

For additional activities – including Maths, English and Science – there is a link at the bottom of this page.

Also, BBC Bitesize are providing a range of lessons and programmes in lots of different subjects – including History, Geography, RE, music and Art! Exciting!

* Click here to explore! *

MONEY LESSONS: On the Natwest bank website there are lots of fun activities, games and resources that help teach children about money – go take a look! They will be doing money lessons every Monday.

* Click here – *

Fluent in 5 – 22/05/2020 (Friday)

Flashback 4 – 22/05/2020 (Friday)

Problem of the day – 22/05/2020 (Friday)

Fluent in 5 – 21/05/2020 (Thursday)

Flashback 4 – 21/05/2020 (Thursday)

Problem of the day – 21/05/2020 (Thursday)

Fluent in 5 – 20/05/2020 (Wednesday)

Flashback 4 – 20/05/2020 (Wednesday)

Problem of the day – 20/05/2020 (Wednesday)

Fluent in 5 – 19/05/2020 (Tuesday)

Flashback 4 – 19/05/2020 (Tuesday)

Problem of the day – 19/05/2020 (Tuesday)

Fluent in 5 – 18/05/2020 (Monday)

Flashback 4 – 18/05/2020 (Monday)

Problem of the day – 18/05/2020 (Monday)

If you enjoyed ‘Giraffes can’t dance’ then perhaps you could plan a dance that Gerald might be able to do. You could even give a performance at home! The author wrote this book after a trip to Kenya. Can you find Kenya on a map / globe? How might it be similar / different to where you live?

Keep active!

Joe Wicks is showing a live fun work out every morning at 9am! Login to his Youtube channel for more information.

Supermovers on the BBC website  – find active learning videos on a range of topics (have a look on the Key Stage One page).

Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube – Yoga, mindfulness and relaxation designed specially for children.


GoNoodle – free to join! Has lots of guided dance videos but also a range of calming and mindfulness videos.

Something a bit different…. why not create an obstacle course in your garden practising your skills of Agility, Balance and Co-ordination!

Hello Year 2 , Miss Digby here ( Take Five Champion!).

Please click on the link to show a flyer all about Take Five. I will be sending the passcode out by text so you can watch the  films of the different practices. You can also do your own – I know some of you already use these at home. Love Miss Digby

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