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Year 2

Download the Virtual Take Five Is Here Flyer – Use your passcode to log in to the video.

Welcome to year 2!

Wow – It is the final week of the summer term!! Keep going and keep those brains busy and happy. You can do it! We are sorry that it hasn’t been the end of term that we would have wished for, but we are really looking forward to seeing you all (AND your super work from home) in September. Take care and have a super summer.

This week we continue to have lots of interesting daily activities on here, so keep checking back every day. Have a go at each Fluent in 5, Flashback 4 and Problem Of The Day. Think about all the things we have learnt this year in school to help you answer each question.

Don’t forget to also check out Purple Mash as we are putting lots of fun activities on there too. (Website and password details are on the front of your work packs)

Although you are not in our classrooms, you are in our thoughts.

If you are looking for ways to celebrate diversity and discuss inclusion with your child, below are a couple of ways to begin the conversation…

Black Lives Matter Powerpoint

We are all different eBook

Keep Reading… 

* Click below for phonics sessions with Mrs Wyatt *

Trash or Treasure TRIGRAPHS (part one)

Trash or Treasure TRIGRAPHS (part two)

Bouncy Blending TRIGRAPHS

OR – AW – AL – AU blending

AU Splat game

Matching game – SYLLABLES

Match-up game – SPLIT DIGRAPHS

Trash or Treasure SPLIT DIGRAPHS

To keep those TRICKY WORDS and PHONICS SOUNDS fresh in your mind, why not have a sing and a dance to these YouTube videos..


Don’t forget to read to your adult at least 3 times a week! Once you have read a good story why not chat about what you loved about the story and why. You could also have a go at predicting what MIGHT happen if you are reading a new story.

Phonics Play is also completely free to use at the moment – with lots of really fun, interactive games! It’s definitely worth taking a look… 

Oxford Owl has a website with lots of free eBooks that are suitable for any age and level of reader! It’s definitely worth taking a look if you are running low on good quality reading books. It has a great range of both fact and fiction.

  * Click here for Oxford Owl reading e-books*


Mrs Wyatt’s storytime sessions!

Simply click on the book titles below to watch and listen to each story.

‘Frog and the Stranger’

  • This story is a reminder that we are all different, but that it is so important to treat each other kindly and fairly. How do you think rat felt at different moments in this book?
  • Have a think about any words you didn’t know in the story. Can you find out what they mean?

‘Bringing Down The Moon’

  • I wonder if you can see the moon in the sky at night? It really is beautiful. To learn more about the moon click here
  • There are many phases to the moon, which makes it look different! Have a look below at them.


‘The Crocodile Who Didn’t Like Water’

  • Why do you think Crocodile is lonely? Do you remember a time that you felt lonely?
  • Try acting out the following feelings: scared, chilly, sneezy, surprised, and happy. Don’t forget to be silly and over exaggerate the actions, especially the sneeze!

‘Amazing Grace’

  • Look at the portrait of Grace on the cover of the book. Can you draw your own self-portrait, or a portrait of a friend or family member (or pet)
  • Grace loves stories. What is your favourite story? Could you retell a story to a friend?

‘That Rabbit Belongs To Emily Brown’

  • Stanley is a special toy for Emily. What things are special to you? Why are they special?
  • Could you write about an adventure that you might have with your favourite toy?
  • ‘Rat-a-tat-tat’ is an example of onomatopoeia. Can you find out what this means and find more examples?
  • Imagine that you were going on an adventure with Stanley to Outer Space or the Sahara Desert. Plan what things you might need to take with you.
  • What animals live in the places that Emily and Stanley visit, e.g. The Sahara Desert, the Amazon Rainforest, the Great Barrier Reef? How are they adapted to living there?

‘All In One Piece’

It’s a busy house! How is it similar and different to your home?

‘Six Dinner Sid’

Have a think what these words mean… 

swanky airs,   smooched,   damp,   suspicious,   appointment,   furious 

Click  *here* to check!    

‘Grandad’s Island’

Some linked activities will be in the Year 2 work pack – or available *here*

‘One is a snail, Ten is a crab’

A fun counting book! Can you think of different ways to make 10? 20? 100?  

‘While we can’t hug’

Who will you send a smile or a wave to? Who could you write a letter to? 

‘Lost and Found’ 

Fantastic activity pack available *here*

‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’

Why not plan a dance that Gerald might be able to do! The author wrote this book after a trip to Kenya. Can you find Kenya on a map / globe? How might it be similar / different to where you live?

Maths    +  −  ×  ÷  =

Exciting news!! You can now access both Times Tables Rock Stars and NumBots from home! These are really fun online games which will really help boost maths skills. Little and often is best – so have a go at doing 5 minutes every day. Your log in details for both are at the front of your FIRST work pack. We will add them again to your next work pack.

Go to and and type in Abbey Hill in the school box. Then… get going!!

For other fun maths games take a look at the Top Marks website. There’s so many great games to help with learning –

For additional activities – including Maths, English and Science – there is a link at the bottom of this page.

Also, BBC Bitesize are providing a range of lessons and programmes in lots of different subjects – including History, Geography, RE, music and Art! Exciting!

* Click here to explore! *

Fluent in 5 – 20/07/2020 (Monday)

Flashback 4 – 20/07/2020 (Monday)

White Rose Maths Problem – 20/07/2020 (Monday)

Fluent in 5 – 21/07/2020 (Tuesday)

Flashback 4 – 21/07/2020 (Tuesday)

White Rose Maths Problem – 21/07/2020 (Tuesday)

Fluent in 5 – 22/07/2020 (Wednesday)

Flashback 4 – 22/07/2020 (Wednesday)

White Rose Maths Problem – 22/07/2020 (Wednesday)

Fluent in 5 – 23/07/2020 (Thursday)

Flashback 4 – 23/07/2020 (Thursday)

White Rose Maths Problem – 23/07/2020 (Thursday)

Fluent in 5 – 24/07/2020 (Friday)

Flashback 4 – 24/07/2020 (Friday)

White Rose Maths Problem – 24/07/2020 (Friday)

MONEY LESSONS: On the Natwest bank website there are lots of fun activities, games and resources that help teach children about money – go take a look! They will be doing money lessons every Monday.

* Click here – *

Keep active!

Joe Wicks is showing a live fun work out every morning at 9am! Login to his Youtube channel for more information.

Supermovers on the BBC website  – find active learning videos on a range of topics (have a look on the Key Stage One page).

Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube – Yoga, mindfulness and relaxation designed specially for children.


GoNoodle – free to join! Has lots of guided dance videos but also a range of calming and mindfulness videos.

Something a bit different…. why not create an obstacle course in your garden practising your skills of Agility, Balance and Co-ordination!

Hello Year 2 , Miss Digby here ( Take Five Champion!).

Please click on the link to show a flyer all about Take Five. I will be sending the passcode out by text so you can watch the  films of the different practices. You can also do your own – I know some of you already use these at home. Love Miss Digby

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