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Friends of Abbey Hill Primary and Nursery School.
Here at Abbey Hill Primary and Nursery School we have a dedicated team of parents and carers who are committed to supporting our school by raising money through a variety of events. Friends of Abbey Hill Primary and Nursery School have held an annual Christmas fayre and a summer fayre that has enabled valuable funds to be raised for each classroom to have new equipment and resources. They have also organised various competitions around Easter and Halloween.

If you would like to join this friendly group of parents and carers, please call into school to see either Mrs Melton or Sam. Likewise, if you have an idea for a fund raising event please let us know.

Watch this space for any further forth coming fund raising events.

Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA)
Since September the LPPA working party have been working closely with staff, parents and pupils to achieve this award here at Abbey Hill Primary and Nursery School. This award focuses closely on the work and commitment that we as a school offer our parents and carers in the form of social events, adult learning courses, family learning courses and fund raising events.

The working party consists of five staff members: Ms Chambers, Mrs Hardy, Mrs Melton, Mrs Yates and Sam Jeffs.

Throughout the school year, there will be a variety of courses and clubs that both parents and carers together with their children, can access in order to improve their own learning. Below are a list of the courses and clubs that will run this academic year.


We are pleased to announce that in October we were awarded the Leading Parent Partnership Award. This award will last for three years. The working party would like to thank everyone that was involved. We will continue to provide adult learning courses and fun activities throughout the school year.

Family Learning sessions.

We work very closely with Sutton Centre and are looking to hold a variety of adult learning sessions throughout this academic year. If you have a specific course that you would like to see run, please call into school to see Mrs Melton.

Family Cooking session

We are pleased to be able to say that family cooking is back this half term. This will run on a Monday afternoon 1pm till 3pm. The parents will start off and then their children will join them for the last hour. If you would like a space on this FREE course, please see Mrs Melton

After School Clubs

Throughout the school year there will be a variety of after school clubs for your child to access. Some clubs will be free, others such as cooking will have a weekly charge. It is important that your child pays this charge if they wish to continue attending. Below is a list of the after school clubs we are running this half term:-

Multi-skills club

Every Thursday, we have a new multi-skills after school club taking place. This is open to key stage 1 children. They will be practising a variety of skills including catching, throwing and using hand eye co-ordination. This club is FREE and will run until 4pm with Mrs Sheldon and Mrs Melton

Singing club

Ms Deakin has begun a brand new club, a singing club. This will run every Monday and is on offer the key stage 2 children. They will be practising how to sing correctly to hopefully be able to sing in church this year. The club will finish at 4pm


Miss Hill and Miss Ashley are now running our netball team. This will now take place on a Thursday after school. The girls will be practising the skills that they need to be able to win the netball matches that will be coming up this year. Please feel free to come along and support our girls when we have a match.
All courses and clubs are currently free unless stated otherwise. If you have any further suggestions for courses that you would like to see run at Abbey Hill Primary and Nursery School, please feel free to call into school to see Mrs Melton.

Having fun making pizzas

Family Cooking session

Parents having fun in nail art

Grandparents Lunch

Family Cooking

Having fun in the Christmas crafts this year

Parents Evening feedback

Thank you to everyone who turned up for this years first annual Parents’ Evening. We had another successful turnout to meet the class teacher and find out how each child is doing. Staff were on hand to complete the first of our annual questionnaires and it was a good opportunity to see how we are doing as a school and take on board any suggestions you may have for further adult learning courses here at Abbey Hill.

Your opinions are important to us! Thank you to everyone who took time to complete a questionnaire with a member of staff. The feedback has been analysed and the following suggestions regarding adult learning were as follows:

  • You would like us to provide a more varied range of courses for both adult and children in the forth coming school year.
  • Would like creche facilities when a course is run during the day
  • Would like more sporting courses/clubs to run for adults
  • Evening courses if possible as some parents are out at work full time
  • Would like a course to see how school teaches numeracy

However, many of you were more than happy with the courses that school are going to run in the future or that have run in the past. Many said that they like the variety of courses available each half term and would like us to continue to offer such great courses.

Further feedback relating to the other questions will be on the next newsletter. If you have any queries or questions regarding Parents’ Evening or the questionnaire, please feel free to call into school to see Mrs Melton where she will be happy to help you.

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