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Our Curriculum

Abbeyhillians Aspire!

We aim for our Abbeyhillians to:

be confident communicators

have a strong sense of self

have knowledge and understanding of the world.

Throughout their journey at Abbey Hill children will have opportunities to learn about themselves, their place in our community and in the wider world. The curriculum is designed to provide links to our local heritage and to the people and places that have influenced who they are today e.g. there are links to mining in Y2, Y3 and Y6 learning projects, and work on Italy in Y3 links to learning about the Romans in Y4.

History in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 is taught in chronological order working out from children’s lives now, through to ancient times and civilisations. This is to support our children’s sense of history and time, and to teach them about the earliest civilisations as they become more mature in their understanding of the world.

Our learning projects run for 10 weeks to make sure there is time for deeper learning and a broad curriculum. Throughout the year there are also weeks focusing on Anti Bullying, Black History, Remembrance Day, World of Work and Future Me, all designed to build knowledge and respect for the cultures of others, and aspirations for children’s future.

There are many opportunities for children to revisit prior learning as lessons begin with a ‘flashback’, to build long term memory and sticky knowledge. Where there are gaps in children’s knowledge or recall, these can be quickly addressed before the learning is moved on. We are writing STEM sentences in all subjects to help children remember the most important chunks of knowledge in each learning project.

Some subjects are taught separately from the learning project where there are no obvious links.  We have also thought hard about the skills, knowledge and vocabulary children need for each curriculum area and we are busy setting these out for each year group.

In KS2 each  project will begin with a dilemma for the children to solve or a scenario to investigate.

Key Stage 1 Long Term Learning Project Plan 2021

Key Stage 2 Long Term Learning Project Plan 2021

Learning Progression in History

Long Term Numeracy Planning Years 1 to 6

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