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Our Curriculum

Abbeyhillians Aspire

We aim for our Abbeyhillians

to be confident communicators;

to have a strong sense of self;

and to have knowledge and understanding of the world.

Throughout their journey at Abbey Hill our pupils will have opportunities to learn about themselves; their place in our community and in the wider world. The curriculum is designed to provide links to our local heritage and to the people and places that have influenced who they are today. History is taught mostly in order in KS2 from the most modern day to the most ancient times.  This is to support our children’s chronological awareness.

Learning projects last for 10 weeks to ensure there is the time for deeper learning and to ensure a broad curriculum is offered. Specialised weeks will be given to Anti Bullying, Black History, Remembrance, as well as to focus on subject development.

There are also lots of opportunities for the children to revisit prior learning as lessons will begin with a ‘Flashback’.  Where gaps are identified, these will be then quickly addressed before the learning is moved on.

Some subjects have separate planning for example science,  DT, PE, SMSC. This ensures these subjects are still covered each term even when there are no direct links to the learning within the project. This also ensures there is progression within the skills and knowledge required for each curriculum subject.

Medium term planning sets out what vocabulary , knowledge and skills pupils must have by the end of the term/ learning project.  Teachers also assess the pupils progress towards meeting  the three aims to be confident communicators; have a strong sense of self; have knowledge and understanding of the world.

In KS2 each learning project has a question which the children will answer at the end of the learning and each project will begin with a dilemma for the children to solve.

KS1 Long Term Learning Project Plan 2020

KS2 Long Term Learning Project Plan 2020

Long Term Numeracy Planning Years 1 to 6

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