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Meet the Governors

A Warm Welcome to the Governor’s Page

Thank you for clicking on this page to see what the governing body does to help your children get the best start in life.

As governors, your children are at the heart of everything we do. It’s our job to make sure that they get the best education possible and that school is a safe and secure place.

Governors help to agree what will be in the school improvement plan and what it is most important for the school to focus on each year. We also shape school policies and check the school is on track to achieve the actions in the improvement plan. We do this by visiting school, talking to teachers about the subjects they lead and through the head teacher’s report each term. We ask challenging questions at governor meetings to make sure we hold the school to account.

As governors we must declare any business or financial interests we have in relation to this role. We do this by signing a form of our interests every year and also by saying when we have an interest in a particular agenda item at meetings.

Currently no governors have declared any financial or business interests in the school. No governors have any roles at any other schools or colleges and no governors are related to any members of staff.

We hold up to three full governing body meetings each term which are attended by all governors. Before these meetings Ms Chambers gives us information about what the school has done to move forward and improve. We then send any questions we have to Ms Chambers who answers them at the meeting. We discuss many things in the life of the school including the school improvement plan, school finances, resources and staffing. We also check the money the school receives is spent wisely and on the best things to support children. We also take part in interviewing and choosing new staff.

We help to keep your children safe through our responsibilities for safeguarding, including health & safety and child protection.

We also support the staff in any way we can to make our school a great place to work.

Before the pandemic you will have seen governors volunteering their time to help with children’s education e.g. in reading, helping out with school visits or different clubs. We come from all different walks of life giving us a wide range of experiences and skills to draw on to make a well-rounded governing board. Our governors are truly part of the Abbey Hill community.

We are also here to listen to your views and concerns and if you see us around school feel free to say hello. We are always happy to hear your feedback.

On a personal note I believe that being a governor is a privilege and I find it a very rewarding experience. I have learnt a lot about the many different things involved in managing a school and giving children the best possible opportunities in life, and is more than worth the time it takes knowing that we are helping to make a difference to children’s education and lives.

Thank you for the ways in which you all support our school – I believe that if we all work together as parents, governors and staff we can offer the best possible start in life for our children.

Karl Simpson

Chair of governors


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