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Enterprise Week 2023

Friday 14th July – Idlewells and Makers’ Market

From 10-11am on Fri 14th July, some children from Year 1 to 5 will be ‘working’ at our shop in the Idlewells. They’ll be selling the products advertised below.

From 2:50pm tomorrow, we will have stalls at school selling the same items. Please don’t send children to school with any extra money. (Children in Year 5 have pre-ordered their book. If Year 5 children bring their money to the office, they will be able to collect their books from the office. They are £5 per copy. If you haven’t pre-ordered, we have reserved 1 copy per child if they want to buy one.)

Due to the forecast rain, we might need to have stalls in the hall. We’ll dismiss children in the usual way at the usual time and then you can come back in to the hall to browse with your child(ren) until 3:30pm.

Some classes have set up reservations of items with their class teachers if needed.

THANK YOU for supporting this. We hope the children have enjoyed the week, including having the chance to hear about different jobs and careers.

Our Young Enterprise week runs from Mon 10th July to Fri 14th July!

On Friday 14th July we have 2 special events:

From 10-11am, you can visit our shop! Pop by to see us at the ATTFE College Shop in Sutton’s Ildewells Centre. Pupils will have a range of products from their companies on sale. The Idlewells information can be found here. The Threes bus also runs from Glenside into Sutton. We’d love for you to visit us and do a bit of ‘shopping’!

Back at school, we have our Maker’s Market! From 2:45-3:15pm, you can visit each year group’s stall where the children’s products will be on sale! These will include friendship bracelets, smoothies and sweets!

Other Events in Enterprise Week

Different classes will have visitors – either virtual or in person – from different groups. We have The Fire Service, a scientist and a construction site manager visiting so far and virtual visitors including The FA Head of Education and Trustees from Transform, the academy trust we are soon joining.

Classes will be completing learning around their own company including learning about money or statistics!

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