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Abbey Hill Curriculum Overview

Here you can find information and overviews of our whole-school curriculum.

Abbey Hill Vision and Values

The Abbey Hill Curriculum

Our curriculum design handbook

Long Term Plan for our rolling model

Learning Project knowledge handbook

Overview of Classes and Learning Projects

Our Long Term Curriculum Plan and Overviews

Individual Subject Intents

Curriculum Design Cycle – from National Curriculum to Classroom

Effective Teaching and Learning features booklet

British Values within our Curriculum

Adaptations for our Ambitious Curriculum

Abbey Hill Curriculum Adaptations Document

Assessment in the wider curriculum

Foundation Subjects Assessment calendar

For 2022/23 we have introduced a new approach to assessment of Foundation Subjects. A calendar of planned assessment for these subjects is listed here. School uses Insight to track all attainment and progress data. For our Foundation Subjects, the terminology ‘Provide Challenge’ or ‘Provide Support’ as our assessment is used to inform next steps in our teaching and learning for all pupils.

Our curriculum aspirations

Throughout their journey at Abbey Hill children will have opportunities to learn about themselves, their place in our community and in the wider world. We want to widen children’s horizons through learning about the lives of inspirational people and to have high aspirations for their own futures. Our curriculum is designed to provide links to our community’s heritage, people and environment e.g. there are links to mining in Y2, Y3 and Y6 learning projects, and work on volcanoes in Y3 links to learning about Romans in Y4. We also ensure our curriculum embeds opportunities to enrich our cultural capital and experience people, places and beliefs beyond our own context.

We want children to develop a sense of belonging to and responsibility for their own school, their local community and the wider world. We aim to help children understand the diversity of people’s beliefs, cultures and customs in modern Britain, and to see that differences and similarities are something to be welcomed and celebrated. We do this through our learning projects, in assemblies, in the wide variety of books in school, and in planned events throughout the year.

We want children to be able to articulate their ideas, thoughts and feelings in different circumstances and situations, and to have the vocabulary and confidence to do this.

History is taught in chronological order working out from children’s lives now, right through to ancient times and civilisations. This is designed to support children’s sense of history and time, and to teach them about earliest civilisations and ideas when they are older and more mature in their understanding of chronology and the world. Geography follows a similar pattern, starting with the local environment and broadening out to the wider world.

Our termly learning projects run for ten weeks to make sure there is time for deeper learning and a broad curriculum. Throughout the year there are whole school events which focus on Anti –  Bullying, Internet Safety, Black History, Remembrance Day, World of Work and Future Me, and Diversity, all designed to build knowledge and respect for the cultures of others, and aspirations for children’s future.

Opportunities for children to revisit earlier learning are built into lessons as flashbacks. These build children’s long term memory and sticky knowledge and help them make connections in their learning. Where there are no obvious links, subjects are taught separately from the learning project. The skills, knowledge and vocabulary children should acquire for each subject are set out in learning progressions for each year group from Reception to Year 6.

Teaching and Learning strategies are informed by the principles of Rosenshine. We have adapted these for our school.

How we shine with Rosenshine

We have adapated Rosenshine’s Principles of Instruction for our pupils and staff. We have thought about 5 ways in which we learn (and are taught/supported).

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