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9th November

Important Information for Parents of Children in Nursery 

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School is closed for half term until Monday 2nd November but there are plenty of things on the website for you to do. Why not start by looking at these plans for Portland Park in Kirkby and having your say. You can follow the links on the poster to share your ideas. The people at Ashfield Council would love to hear from you!

Portland Park Consultation Poster  

Keeping Children Safe at Abbey Hill

This is a worrying time for us all with our first COVID case in school and Nottinghamshire named as a national high risk area. I’d like to put your minds at rest about how we have made school a safe place for your children and for the staff team. You may have read things on Facebook this week that are just not correct – if you have read something that has made you worried please come and talk to us directly. School has looked very different since lockdown in March and I’d like to remind you of some of the main things in place to keep your children safe:

  • Children stay in their bubble all the time – they have their own desk and chair and their own pack of equipment (whiteboards, pens, pencils, rubbers etc.) that is not shared with anyone.
  • All tables and chairs in main school classes face the same way – children stay at their desk and do not work together in groups like they used to before COVID.
  • Staff do not swap bubbles and children are never sent to other class bubbles.
  • Each bubble has a separate playtime with the playground to themselves.
  • Bubbles eat separately at lunchtime, some in the hall and some in class.
  • There are social distancing lines marked out in classrooms and corridors, especially in hand washing areas and we teach children to use these.
  • Children wash their hands when they come into school, after break time, before and after lunch, after PE and at home time.
  • All PE and lunch time equipment is cleaned after use and Foundation Stage staff clean the toys and outdoor equipment daily.
  • Extra cleaning staff clean nursery and pre-school after morning sessions.
  • Staff  do not mix across the different buildings. Numbers are limited in the staffroom and staff maintain social distancing.
  • No visitors are allowed in school (apart from essential visits from social workers and maintenance staff).

Our staff team are committed to keeping every adult and child safe at school and we follow all government guidelines as they are updated. You can help us to keep everyone safe by doing the following things:

  • Wear a face covering on the school site and in the reception area.
  • Bring your child to school at the correct time – coming early causes long queues at the gate.
  • Use the social distancing lines and follow the one way system.
  • Talk to us if you are concerned about anything rather than posting on social media.

Thank you to the many parents who have been so supportive and cheerful at the school gates. We really do appreciate your comments especially in the rain!

Please read the  COVID letter below which tells you what you need to do if your child has any symptoms. If your child does not have any symptoms of COVID 19, they can come to school as usual unless their bubble has been sent home.

COVID Advice Letter October 2020

The link below takes you to a flowchart to help you work out whether it’s ok to send your child to school or not if they are under the weather

Should I Send my Child to School Chart.

The next link takes you to the latest letter from the government about the Test and Trace system.

Test and Trace Letter for Parents

Please remember to send you child to school with a coat, a named water bottle, their packed lunch (if you you do not need a school lunch) in a named, plastic box and their reading book. Please do not send children with any fabric or bulky rucksacks. On PE days children may come to school ready in their outdoor school PE kit. We are promoting children’s health and fitness and P.E. will be outdoors whenever possible this term so please make sure your child has a warm P.E. kit. The letter below contains information about karate training at the Lammas Centre.

Below is also a link to some information from the Government which explains why schools are being asked to open to all pupils from September and the importance of education.

Click here

Follow this link for the latest information about Test Track and Trace

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support during the pandemic and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Ms H Chambers and the Abbey Hill staff team 

If you are looking for some help and advice on how to support your child’s mental health and well being then please take a look at the advice from the following:

If you are looking for some help and advice about to keep your child safe on line then please see the link below. You can select the age group of your child to get the most relevant information.

Internet matters – click here



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