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What to do if you would like your child to have a place at Abbey Hill Primary and Nursery School

Our school follows the Nottinghamshire County Council Admissions Policy. Any parent wishing to apply for a place for their child should contact the school office (on 01623 484512) and arrange a visit to the school.

When will my child start school?

We admit children from the age of 2 to 11.

  • Your child may be entitled to 15 hours free child care a week in our pre-school if you are receiving benefits. Pre-school take children from the term after their second birthday for five mornings or five afternoons a week. The Nottinghamshire County Council Admissions Team (tel: 0300 500 80 80) will be able to tell you if you qualify for a place. You will need your National Insurance number when you ring. You can also pop into school and speak to Mrs Dear, our pre-school manager, and she will help you to apply for a place.  Children attending pre-school will be given priority for a place in our Nursery.
  • Your child can join our Nursery the term after their third birthday for fifteen hours a week. Nursery or F1 is part time and is usually mornings only. Sometimes in the summer term when numbers are high we have an afternoon Nursery session as well.
  • A place at Abbey Hill Nursery does not guarantee your child a place in Reception here. You must apply to Notts County Council School Admissions Team for a full time school place. If your child is already in our Nursery the admissions team will write to you and tell you how to apply for a full time school place.
  • From September 2017 if you and your spouse or partner are both working you may be entitled to 30 hours a week free child care. Look out for details in school newsletters in the summer term. If we cannot offer this provision at our school we will tell you where you can find a setting for your child nearby.
  • Your child will begin full-time school in Reception or F2 in the September after their fourth birthday. This means that children born in the summer will still be very young when they start Reception. In some cases where children are very young, it may be possible to wait until your child is the compulsory school age before they take up a place in Reception but this must be discussed and agreed with the school beforehand.
  • Our secondary feeder school is Kirkby College but you can apply for your child to go to any secondary school of your choice. When your child starts Y6, their last year at primary school, Notts County Council Admissions Team will write to you and tell you how to apply for a secondary place. You will find out which school your child has been allocated in March of the following year.
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